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Gyratory Crushers

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Gyratory Crushers

May 4, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Gyratory crushers

Gyratory crushers also named cone crushers are primary crushers and receive blasted material from the mine or quarry. FLSmidth’s Fuller-Traylor brand gyratory crushers are based on over 100 years experience in serving many industries worldwide. FLSmidth primary and secondary gyratory crushers incorporate the latest technologies to create high-capacity, reliable machines suited to most primary compression crushing applications.

Each crusher is custom designed to suit each specific application. Machines are available for surface or underground installations (in standard or split-shell configurations), for stationary, portable or semi-portable operations, and for applications in climates that range from tropical to arctic.

FLSmidth holds a leading position in crushing technology with thousands of crushers installed since the inception of the Traylor brand. These gyratory crushers have been operating successfully in some of the world’s harshest conditions for 50+ years. This
long operating life can be attributed to the robust design that FLSmidth still utilizes to this day. The basic concept behind the
gyratory crusher remains the same as it did during its inception, but the machine is entirely updated to address today’s advanced technology, safety concerns, and operation schedules.

Gyratory Crusher or cone crusher Special Features

• throughputs by providing longer crushing chambers, with low overall machine height
• Shells that can be split vertically or horizontally
• Split ring contact oil seal for virtually no oil consumption
• Massive shafts with generous journals to resist the intense forces generated in the crushing chamber
• Heavy walled shell castings utilise extensive ribbing
• Thick mantles and concaves which afford longer operating life and lower maintenance
• Large tapered roller counter shaft bearings
• High service factors
• Circulating of lubrication oil
• Large lubrication oil reservoirs
• Bar type spider

Crushing Technology: About FLSmidth

FLSmidth is your One Source for mining and minerals processing equipment and services. Utilizing the latest in technology, resources, and materials, our engineered solutions provide you with the ideal design, equipment, and process support for your systems. Behind our organization is Denmark-based FLSmidth, an international group of companies delivering equipment, systems, and high technology engineering services for the cement and minerals industries. This dedicated focus and international scope provide FLSmidth a solid foundation. When you select FLSmidth as your partner, you also bring this solid foundation and support to your business.

FLSmidth has over a century of experience in crushing. As a worldclass supplier of crushing equipment for the mining, cement and aggregate industries, FLSmidth offers crushing products and technology with proven names like Fuller-Traylor, Vecor, ABON, and Buffalo and is supported by one of the world’s largest crusher reference lists, which includes many “world firsts”.

Crushing equipment supplied by FLSmidth has its origins dating back to the Fuller Company, based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. They have been a leading supplier of crushers under the Traylor brand name since 1905. FLSmidth offers Automated Control Systems designed to maximize performance and monitor and protect the crusher.

FLSmidth has the engineering expertise and capability to design and implement process control systems of every size, up to and including systems for total plant.

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