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Hammer crusher introduction, hammer crusher used for sale

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Hammer crusher introduction, hammer crusher used for sale

July 15, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Used hammer crusher

Used hammer crusher is a head of high-speed impact of materials, crushing and crushing finely homework mechanical. Hammer in high-speed rotating rotor hinged on the grate, the body has to control the discharging particle size. The material first being sent crusher high-speed impact of the hammer and gained first broken, high-speed fly to cabinet kinetic energy of the broken plate on the wall by broken again. The aperture of materials is less than grate expelled the aperture, more than grate turned the material blocks in the grate on by the impact of the hammer head again, with grinding the gap until after less than grate expelled.

Hammer crusher has big crushing ratio, discharging had granularity, shattering content, less energy consumption etc. But because hammerheads wear faster, in hard material broken applications received restrictions; Plus, because of the fear of jam, unfavorable grate in use it broken with clay materials and humidity. This crusher is usually used in crushing limestone , shale, coal, plaster, lower cretaceous in below such hard brittle materials.

Will the hammer crusher for steel ring for crushing, is in the plow hammer crusher flavors. It uses high-speed impact and slow the combined effect of RCC materials, so to break can obtain more fine products, mainly used for power plants broken, but also can be used for coal plaster, salt chemical raw materials and some hard material breakage.

Hammer crusher or hammer mill

The hammer crusher also named hammer mill. Hammer crusher crushes materials by the collision between the high-speed hammer and materials with a feature of big crushing ratio and even product graininess.. The hammer crusher is used to crush mid-hardness and weak corrosive materials, whose compressive strength is under 100 Mpa, and water ratio is less than 15%.

Hammer crusher possesses qualities of simple structure, large reduction ratio, and high-efficiency. Both Dry and Wet Process are available.

Hammer crusher is suitable for crushing & grinding

Industrial mineral, Ore mineral, Granite, Diorites, Lava rock, Feldspar, Quartz rock, Feldspathoids, Basalt, Limestone, River stone, Rubble stone, Marble rock, Cobble stone, Pebble stone, Pyroxenes, Amphiboles, Mica rock, Coal, barite, Calcite, Aragonite, Dolomite, dolostone, Gneiss, Schist, Quartzite, Silica sand, Sandstone, Slate, Phosphate rock, Gypsum, Construction aggregate(sand & gravel), iron ore , Iron oxide, Copper ore, Manganese ore, Chrome ore, Gold ore, Zinc-lead ore, Uranium ore, Bauxite ore, Argentite ore, Nickel ore, Slag, etc.

Hammer Crusher is widely used in mining , cement, coal, metallurgic, construction material, road building, and Petroleum & Chemical industries. The hammer crusher can be used not only in the crushing and sand making production lines, but also the mineral processing production line , taking the place of cone crushers .

The hammer crusher can be also used for crushing chips and paper with fiber structure and strong elasticity and ductility, or recycling asbestos fiber by crushing wastes of asbestos cement, etc. Gap between the gratings are adjustable to change grain size of the discharge, so as to meet different requirements of the customers.

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