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Hammer mill, hammer mills and hammer crusher for sale

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Hammer mill, hammer mills and hammer crusher for sale

July 9, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Hammer mill overview

NFLG hammer mill also named hammer crusher is used widely in stone crushing plants, quarry plants, rock mining lines etc. NFLG manufactures a large variety of Hammer Mills to handle virtually any size reduction job. Rugged machines provide the efficiencies and economies of midair, impact crushing, grinding or shredding of diverse materials such as: limestone , glass, diatomaceous earth, coal & lignite, clay, shale sand, phosphate rock, fertilizer, aluminum oxide, slags, coke, tungsten carbide, silica, bauxite, dolomite, grain, cement rock – barytes.

Hammer Mill crushers / Size Reduction Mills

These impact crushers are the most effective method developed for crushing, grinding or pulverizing. The hammer mill crushers operate with a rain of hammer or ring blows which shatter and disintegrate the material being reduced. Size reduction hammer mills provide a finish product size that is dependent upon the size of openings in perforated screens; the number, size and type of hammers; the setting of adjustable grinding plates and the speed of the rotor.

Hammer mill features

This hammermill crushes fuel and limestone for fluid bed boiler operations and is also used for many other minerals in various industries. It is well suited for power plant service from the standpoint of economy, performance and maintenance. While its cost of ownership is far less than one might expect of a reversible hammermill, its ability to crush coal, sorbents and other minerals is comparable to crushers that are far more costly.

Unlike some light duty crushers offered today which were designed to crush non-mineral products, our FBR model is very rugged and will stand up to the rigors of industrial service. Year in, year out, it operates reliably, offering extremely long service life, coupled with simplified maintenance requirements. This crusher possesses a considerable performance record. It has found acceptance among numerous power generating stations and minerals producers within the U.S. as well as in Asia, Europe, and South America. Plant names are available upon request.


The crushing chamber is symmetrical and the rotor assembly is reversible. In effect, this provides two distinct crushing chambers, enabling you to crush in one chamber or the other by simply reversing the motor.

Regular reversal of the rotor produces uniform wear on both working faces of the hammer, keeping its edges sharp and producing a consistently uniform output size. The need to shut down and manually turn hammers as required of one-way crushers is eliminated.
Another advantage exists because the other crushing components — breaker blocks, screen plate or screen bars — are double in number and therefore provide greatly extended time-between-changes, about twice that of one-way crushers.

Rotor Assembly
The rotor assembly consists of the rotor shaft, suspension discs and hammers. Forged of special steel and heat treated, the rotor shaft is drilled for convenient hydraulic removal of the bearings. The suspension discs are drilled for various hammer configurations, a feature that greatly enhances the flexibility of this particular design.

The hammers are forged steel, differentially heat treated to a BHN that is superior to ordinary cast manganese steel hammers. The heads of these special hammers are hardened to 500 BHN. This makes them abrasion resistant from the outset, unlike ordinary hammers which must rely on work hardening, which is unreliable and inefficient. In the vital shank and eye areas, Pennsylvania hammers are normalized to a nominal 350 BHN, providing the ductility needed to resist shock.


Material enters through the feed chute into the upper half of the crushing chamber where it is subjected to two distinct crushing actions. It first is struck and shattered by the swing hammers and is then driven against the breaker blocks. It then ricochets back into the path of the hammers. By this point, most reduction has occurred.

As the shattered material enters the lower portion of the crushing chamber — the attrition zone — the hammers sweep it across the screen plate or screen bars — depending on model — and the final sizing is performed by shear and attrition. Proper output size is the result of correct clearance between the hammers and the screen cage being maintained. In addition, power requirements are relatively low, and fines are kept at a minimum while meeting the D50 and top size requirements.


Our application engineering staff can assist you by evaluating your material, by guiding you in selection of the correct crusher type and size, and in specifying the proper motor and other drive components.

Our resources include an extensive database of crushers and materials derived from a century of experience with crusher installations. This means that our recommendations will be based upon the actual performance of a crusher model and size. In addition, we can review your arrangement of feed and discharge equipment and advise you on other important aspects. We frequently help customers to avoid problems that could otherwise result when a crusher is installed improperly.

For example, improper feeding can result in material hitting the crusher hammers from the wrong angle or at the wrong velocity. These and other missteps would result in uneven or premature wear of crusher components.


Though the Model FBR was initially developed for coal and sorbents for fluid bed boiler operations, it is highly effective for crushing other materials as well: Chemicals, Pebble Lime, coal, ores, Calcined Petroleum Coke, limestone, Other friable minerals and substances etc.


Where necessary, we can also perform test crushing of your material(s) in our Crushing Test Laboratory and provide you with documented test results prior to purchase. Such test may involve one or more types of crushers, depending on circumstances.

Remember that Pennsylvania Crusher manufactures dozens of crusher models, in hundreds of sizes. We therefore have gained the experience and the perspective on how to equip our customers with the crusher that is best suited for their installation. For information about test crushing, please contact our representative or our home office as listed in this brochure.

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