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HAZEMAG & EPR – Raw Materials Processing Equipment for the Mining Industry

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HAZEMAG & EPR – Raw Materials Processing Equipment for the Mining Industry

July 16, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

HAZEMAG & EPR is a medium-sized, internationally operating mechanical engineering company with headquarters in Dülmen, Germany. As one of the pioneers in its field, HAZEMAG is a leading plant and equipment manufacturer for the raw materials processing (cement and aggregates), mining and drilling industries.

The company has an extensive net of subsidiaries, licensees and agents in more than 40 countries to provide guaranteed customer back-up and support worldwide. HAZEMAG has a staff of some 400 employees in Germany and abroad.

Mining crushers , sizers, hammer mills and roller screens

Today’s large product portfolio, including impact crushers, sizers, double-roll crushers, hammer mills or roller screens, supported by apron or chain feeders, enables HAZEMAG to offer the best solution to their customers, whether it is a single crusher or a complete processing plant. HAZEMAG’s feeder breakers are widely used in coal open-pit and underground applications.

The horizontal crushing principle used in the feeder breaker technology with its compact design enables an easy and fast-on-site assembly, often without the need of any civil work, facilitating relocations at a minimum of cost.

As the cost for truck haulages and their environmental impact grows, it is important to keep a primary crusher closer to the mining face, and thus, with the mining faces advancing, a relocation of the crusher makes sense in order to keep any truck transport to a minimum. Non-powered instead of driven tracks provide additional savings in capital cost, while dozers or large front-end loaders are still able to drag the complete crushing plant during into a new position.

Pick or heavy-duty impact crushing rolls

Depending on the feed material quality, the crushing roll can be of pick or heavy-duty impact type, the latter thus being able to handle even hard rock.

A special feature of HAZEMAG’s crushers is the possibility to integrate a pre-screening unit without any loss of advantages as compactness and mobility. The roller screen will relieve the load that has to be crushed and pass through the crushing gap. By doing so and depending on the amount of fines in the raw material, the use of a roller screen can certainly influence the crusher size requirement.

Additionally our crushers reduce wear hazards and minimise the production of fines that more or less occur during every crushing process regardless of the crusher type. In coal processing in particular, fine generation through crushing, handling and transport is an issue while coarser product sizes are often desired.

Drilling and loading mining equipment

For longwall applications, a broad spectrum of drilling and loading equipment is available. From pneumatic handheld drills to crawler-mounted pneumatic or hydraulic drilling rigs and jumbos (EPR, TURMAG), we provide equipment for a wide range of drilling tasks. We also supply side tipping or dinting loaders (EPR, HAUSHERR) to ease work in hazardous conditions.

The universal EL 160 usually works close to longwall entries as their compact design allows working in narrow rooms. We provide a dinting shovel as a standard attachment to restore the gallery floor to necessary ventilation and transportation size, while the bottom is caved in due to surrounding rock pressure.

Loading units for longwall applications

Overall success of this unit is additionally granted by the so-called active shovel, a specially designed and exclusively provided feature to equip this shovel with up to five impact hammer that can break harder floor rock for dinting. With the new rotational fitting it becomes possible to place the shovel in almost all positions to work not only on the floor, but also along the side walls and face.

Above all, this base EL 160 can be equipped with different active attachments to handle other tasks that occur in extreme mine face conditions. By using a rapid release coupling, such changeover can be done quickly and directly at site converting the EL 160 in a unit for multiple purposes.

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