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Heavy-Duty Four Bearing Inclined Screen

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Heavy-Duty Four Bearing Inclined Screen

June 16, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The Nordberg four bearing screen is similar in design to the two bearing unit with one major exception. On the four bearing screen, the eccentric shaft serves as both a crank arm and a counter balance. It is mounted on two outboard bearings (main bearings) attached to a stationary base (main frame). The screen body is supported partially by plates by side plate bearings (eccentric bearings) and partially by springs at each corner of the screen.

The eccentric shaft is balanced by counter-weighting it 180° out-of-phase with the screen so that little, if any, vibration is transferred to the main frame. The Nordberg four bearing screen is a positive action crusher. The motion created is of constant amplitude and is not affected by the amount of material on the screen. It will not dampen under heavy loads, provided there is sufficient horsepower to drive it.

The motion on the four bearing screen is circular. Like the two bearing screen, it should be installed at a down-slope of from 15° to 30° to effect material travel.

Being a balanced unit, the four bearing screen starts and stops smoothly.

The four bearing screen is used primarily in mining applications.

The Nordberg vibrating mechanism incorporates a crusherd solid steel shaft which adds greatly to the strength of the vibrating assembly and prevents “cross haul”, or the tendency for one side to lead the other. The result is smoother performance and longer bearing life.

The four bearing screen is available in sizes from 2′ wide x 3′ long through 8′ wide x 24′ long in single, double and triple deck models.

Heavy-Duty Scalping Screens

Nordberg heavy-duty vibrating scalpers are designed to handle run-of-quarry or run-of-mine material. Nordberg scalpers are built with a fabricated sub-deck, covered by performed plate, rail type decks with tapered longitudinal openings, or cast steel decks with square openings. The plate and cast decks can be supplied with or without wear bars. Scalpers with rail type decks can be furnished with replaceable wear caps.

Nordberg scalpers are available in both two bearing and four bearing models. Superior design, based on long experience, is combined with quality workmanship to provide a crusher unbeatable in performance… operating in many instances for 24 hours per day with negligible downtime.

Discuss your scalping problem with a Nordberg Sales Engineer. Nordberg scalpers are made in sizes to handle a few tons to more than 6.000 tons per hour.

Heavy-Duty Two Bearing Inclined Screens

Nordberg Heavy-Duty Two Bearing Inclined Screens: The Nordberg heavy-duty two bearing inclined screen is most often used in general screening service. It is the type that is best suited for a wide range of applications.

The vibrating assembly consists of a shaft mounted in two bearings with each bearing being supported by one of side plates. This design provides maximum stroke with minimum flexure of the shaft and side plates. Additional eccentric weights can be bolted to both the flywheel and V-belt sheave to change the stroke when desired.

When the shaft is rotated, it produces a circular vibrating motion. The two bearing screen is normally down-sloped 20° but can operate in a range from approximately 15° to 30° from the horizontal. There are many features in the Nordberg two bearing screen which should be used to promote its sale over competitive units. The screen is available in sizes from 2′ wide x 3′ long through 8′ wide x 24′ long in single, double and triple deck models.

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