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Heavy duty iron ore crushers for Sishen delayed

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Heavy duty iron ore crushers for Sishen delayed

May 15, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

South African mining Weekly has reported that engineering firm DCD-Dorbyl Heavy Engineering Vereeniging was behind schedule in its contract to make large components for the crushers to be supplied to iron ore miner Kumba’s Sishen Expansion Project due to delay by Mittal Steel SA in supplying some components.

IMS engineering had subcontracted the job of machining of the main frame castings, undertake trial assembly, conduct no load testing and then disassemble them to sub assemblies to be delivered to site for final assembly and commissioning by IMS Engineering.

Heavy duty Iron ore crushers, amongst the largest ever built for all the crushing stages have been designed to handle large feed sizes with minimal fines being generated through the three crushing stages. The Kawasaki primary gyrator crusher would weigh 580 tonnes and be 11 meter high with a 45 square meter footprint.

Kumba’s Sishen Expansion Project plans to increase the mine’s production to 38 million tons a year from the current 28 million tons a year and is scheduled to commission new facilities on July 1 next year.

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