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High temperature drying and grinding in the gypsum industry application

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High temperature drying and grinding in the gypsum industry application

June 16, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Comparison and selection of existing milling technology

At present, the main production building gypsum technology has 4 kinds: the class of Pan production process, various types of rotary kiln production process, boiling furnace production process ; airflow drying milling production process.

Among them, all kinds of wok and rotary kiln is the traditional production process, large investment, high energy consumption and pollution with serious and difficult to control, are being phased out ; boiling furnace production process in China already has more than its pollution lighter, but large investment, high consumption of energy, low product quality, many manufacturers have begin to consider eliminated the technology, using the updated technology.

At present, domestic and foreign experts agree: investment at least, the energy consumption is low, the most stable product quality, the most reasonable technology route is milling, and water integration of airflow drying milling production process. This production technology has been widely used in foreign countries, in China is just started for people to recognize knowledge, it will become the 21CN focus on the promotion of new technology, and gradually developed into the next few decades China gypsum flour industry mainstream equipment .

Air drying milling process

Air drying milling process, milling and drying process will have machine together, is currently the world’s most advanced, efficient, energy production technology, the production technology will be broken, milling, drying, sieving and conveying processes of organic combination in an automated production line system, is in flour milling enterprise the ideal alternative, technical equipment, the equipment investment, high efficiency, low energy consumption, has the advantages of simple production process, less labor, production capacity, product quality and stability, environmental protection and other outstanding performance and excellent characteristics.

In addition, the production line also includes the reserves of raw materials, product cooling, homogenizing, Chen Hua, and other ancillary equipment and facilities, the equipment and facilities can be synchronous construction, can also be implemented step by step. GM series of high-temperature drying mill covers an area of small, compact system, annual production of 3 ~ 200000 t flour mill gypsum as long as the installation of a device can dry clean, clean production.

The basic production process

NFLG series of high-temperature drying mill using natural gypsum production of building stone powder production process as the basic

The raw ore beneficiation of a broken a certain amount of feeding a milling and stem dry a fineness grade a dust collector powder curing a cooling a warehousing packaging warehousing.

The use of smoke elimination and desulfurization gypsum and gypsum and chemical gypsum production built building gypsum powder, the process and the use of natural gypsum is roughly the same, difference is : because of different granularity, crushing, and other mineral processing process can be omitted ; II due to humidity, raw material conveying and feeding equipment vary due to impurities and t. Natural gypsum has the very big difference, therefore, design process, often to increase raw material pretreatment and screening process.

NFLG high temperature drying milling technology

NFLG high temperature drying milling technology is a widely used new technology, it is especially suitable for building gypsum production, particularly suitable for various aqueous soft mineral powder production, in a metal, energy source, processing of agricultural products and agricultural and industrial waste residue utilization and other industries will be widely used, the technology for resource industry to large-scale, intensive, automation, saving production phase transition technology provides a reliable guarantee to the promotion of this technology and the use of non metal industry, also will produce far-reaching effect to the development of enterprises and society, and to create significant economic benefits.

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