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How impact crusher can be used normally in the transition period

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How impact crusher can be used normally in the transition period

July 8, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

After the purchase of new equipment to a normal use, it requires a slower transition period. This will not only ensure the normal operation of construction machinery decreased failure rate, but also extend its service life. But now, most users ignore small details, due to lack of use knowledge for impact crusher , or because of the tight schedule, or would like to get return profit as soon as possible. Some users have even holding the points that the manufacturers have warranty period, the machine manufacturer is responsible for repairing when this is something wrong with the machine. So the machine in the running overload during the transition period, this will result in frequent problems on machines. This not only affects the normal application of the machine and shorten the life of the machine, but also because the machine destroyed, affecting the progress of the project. Therefore, the use and maintenance of impact crusher in transition period should be considered as important aspects.

High-wear is a common phenomenon

Since the new machine parts processing, assembly and transfers and other factors, the friction surface is rough, surface contact area is small. When machine is running, the parts surface and convex part has friction, wear metal debris falling down, it will again use as an abrasive, continuously participate in frication, this will also accelerate the wear of surfaces of parts. Therefore, it will cause parts worn easily and faster. At this time, if it is overload operation, may result in accelerated destruction of parts and frequent occurrence of early problems.

Lubrication is not easy to carry out

There is small gap between the new parts, and because of installation problems, it is difficult to ensure uniformity with the gap, lubricating oil (grease) in the friction surface is difficult to form a uniform film to reduce wear and tear. Thereby it reduces the lubrication performance, resulting in abnormal wear of the early parts.

Reasons for loose

New processed and assembled components, there is the geometric shape and size with the deviation. In the initial application, due to shock and vibration, alternating loads, and also heat, deformation and other factors, coupled with excessive wear and other reasons, so it is easy for tighten parts to loose.

Reasons for leakage

Because of the loose parts, vibration and heat of the machine, the machine’s sealing surface and the pipe joints, etc., will show leakage; and also for the parts casting, machining and other shortcomings, it is difficult to discover, but because of the vibration of the process operations , impact effect, this weakness was exposed out that the leakage oil (water).

Operation errors were frequent

Since the construction of the machine, and also not enough understanding of the performance (especially for the new operator), the operation errors are easy to cause problems, even cause mechanical accident.

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