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How Our Grinding Mill Works

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How Our Grinding Mill Works

April 20, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

grinding mill equipment

Grinding Mill

widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining minerals in areas such as grinding materials processing. According to the fine grinding of materials and discharging materials fineness, milling machines can be divided into Raymond mill powder machine, high pressure hanging roller mill grinding machines, high pressure Powder Mill, through centrifugal Mill overpressure trapezoid Mill, tricyclic in the six-speed milling machine types.

Raymond Mill powder confidential by the mainframe, analysis machine, Blower, finished Cyclone, plumbing installations, electrical components. One rack by the host, Jin Feng volute, blade, roll grinding, grinding Central, Shell and electrical components. Aids is a jaw crusher, constantly bucket hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder , cabinet, users can choose the situation flexible.

Raymond Mill powder machine principle: the materials needed to crush size, the materials will be sent to hoist storage hopper, will be expected by a vibrating feeder uniform for the mainframe into Raymond Mill grinding room, as when centrifugal rotary role Roll out swinging, press the grinding part of the shovel blade materials to the Milling machine between Central and roll mill for the rolling mill roll smash to achieve. After grinding the powder material with the circulating air blower into the analysis was conducted at the election, fine through coarse material to re-grinding, qualified powder into the air, finished with the whirlwind set of powder, the powder discharge pipe, which is refined. In Raymond Mill grinding mill indoors due to certain materials in the water, grinding, heat, air-water evaporation, and the pipeline unit interface is not well outside gas inhalation, the cycle of increased pressure to ensure that the Milling machine under negative pressure, the increase in gas flow through the tube into the wind I precipitator was after purification into the atmosphere.

Raymond Mill powder machine structural characteristics:

1, 3-D structure, small footprint, turnkey highly refined powder expected from the block of independent self-production system;
2, refined powder fineness of uniform rate of 99% on screen , it is difficult to have other Milling machine equipment;
3, installed the Drive home confined by pulley and gear box, transmission smooth, reliable operation;
4, the important components are used quality steel, wear-resistant performance of wear resistant materials are used, the whole high wear resistance, reliable operation;
5, the electrical system is centralized control, milling workshop basic operations can be realized nobody , and maintenance.
Raymond Mill models are: 3R2115, 3R2615, 3R2715, 4R3016, 4R3216

Hanging high pressure grinding roll Mill scope: high pressure hanging roller mill for grinding barite, limestone , ceramics, and slag Mo’s hardness of not more than 9.3, humidity below 6% of non-inflammable mines, metallurgy, chemical and building materials industries variety of materials, 280 high fine system powder processing, product size in the 80-425 head of the regulator (the smallest 1,000 head). It can add special device can produce 30-80 to coarse.

Hanging high pressure grinding roll Mill principle: high pressure hanging roller mill mainframe, roll grinding hanger on fastening a 1000-1500 kg pressure hyperbaric spring. After beginning work, grinding spindle rotary roll around, and high-pressure centrifugal force and the role of spring, keep grinding ring rolling, rolling over the same pressure under dynamic conditions Raimundo powder machine 1.2 times the yield is much higher. When the Milling machine was grinding materials into the cavity, the shovel blade into the Roller Mill Central and between RCC, RCC after the powder with the blower into the cycle of wind machine, qualified with the powder-gas inflow whirlwind of powder which is finished, the charged particles tablets to regrinding. Wind circulating blower to repeat the above process, I entered the Wind bag filter purification. Roll up and wear ring wear, high-pressure adjustment spring length, and to maintain Roller roller mill Central constant pressure. To guarantee stable production and fineness.

High pressure roller mills for grinding hanging on the structure: high pressure hanging roller mill mainly by the host, fine analysis machine, Blower, finished whirlwind plot of powder, bag filter and link duct components. According to user needs can be equipped with broken machines, elevator, storage silo, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and electrical control cabinet and other auxiliary equipment. Mainframe, Roller said transverse component in the hoisting shaft hanger Roll, Roll hanger with spindle and turret fixed link shovel, the pressure in the Spring Roller Bearings, Room cantilevered end to the horizontal axis Fulcrum said forcing Roll tightly pressure in the circular ring mill on the surface, through the motor drive unit, driven spindle rotation , installed in the turret on the shovel blade and Roll synchronous rotation, Roll in circular ring rolling mill at the same time the rotation. Motor driven through gearing impeller rotating machine analysis, the higher the impeller speed, at the election of the fine powder.

Hypertension Powder Mill mainly by the host, Blower, superfine Analysis Machine, finished whirlwind plot of powder, bag filter and the connecting duct, pipe components, according to user needs can be fitted with a hoist, storage silo, the cabinet to the powder machine, crusher and other auxiliary equipment. High pressure Powder Mill grinding room, Roller assembly through horizontal shaft hoisting said in Roller hanger, roll grinding hanger with the spindle and turret fixed link shovel, pressure-spring rally closely on the pressure in the Roller Bearing Room end of the cantilever, a horizontal axis for the said areas, the pressure on Spring Roll tightly grinding pressure in Central within the circle on the surface, when the motor rotation through the transmission device, installed in the turret on the shovel blade and Roll synchronous rotation, Roller Mill in the ring rolling circle on the surface while rotating around its own analysis of transmission through motor driven impeller rotating machine analysis, the speed of adjustment decision of a fine powder.

Powder Mill high pressure process: After the materials were broken into by the hoist Reserve Silo, by the vibrating feeder uniform grinding into mainframe room, and then shovel blade, and the Roller Mill Central RCC was rubbing, fans will be blown into the grinding room, blowing powder machine to the analysis, conducted Wind election of less than fineness and charged back-grinding, qualified powder into the air, finished with the whirlwind of powder sets, and air separation from the mouth from material which is refined.
Materials containing some water, ground will have some moisture, and the entire pipeline is not as tight sealed from the outside world, which must be inhaled gas, the system of air volume increased, in order to ensure the Grinding Mill under negative pressure, excess air volume into the bag filter purification into the atmosphere.

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