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How to choose a reasonable crusher

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How to choose a reasonable crusher

June 2, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

According to use scope, cone crusher is divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. Generally speaking, coarse crushing cone crusher also called gyratory crusher , and medium crushing crusher and fine crushing crusher also called bacteria cone crusher. Gyratory crusher is a coarse crushing equipment , it mainly used in crushing various hardness ore in processing industry and other industrial sectors.

NFLG cone crusher is a medium crushing and fine crushing equipment for ores that are various hardness of mineral. The current situation on the basic of crushing ore workshop to choose the crushing equipment, medium crushing equipment mostly adopts the standard cone crusher, and the fine crushing equipment uses short head type cone crusher, and it has almost stereotypes. However, coarse crushing equipment not only adopts gyratory crusher, sometimes a jaw crusher . What’s most importance is how to compare the advantage and disadvantage. In order to correctly, reasonably select and use crusher, now we analyze and compare them as follows.

The advantages of gyratory crusher (compare with jaw crusher):

1. Crushing cavity depth, work successive, high productive capacity, the unit consumption is low. Compare with the same give mine mouth width jaw crusher, the productive capacity of gyratory crusher is more than twice as it, and the current drain per ton of gyratory crusher is Low 0.5-1.2 times than jaw crusher.

2. Work smoothly, vibration is lighter, machines’ based weight is smaller. The based weight of gyratory crusher is usually 2-3 times of the machine weight, but the based weight of jaw crusher is usually 5-10 times of the machine weight.

3. Can be packed with gives the ore, and large gyratory crusher can directly into the original ore without additional ore nodes and gives the ore machine. But jaw crusher can’t full requirements for ore and require the ore gives evenly, so it needs to another mine set ore nodes (or give ore funnel) and gives the ore machine. When the ore block degrees than 400 mm, it needs to install expensive heavy plate gives the ore machine.

4. Gyratory crusher is easy to start, unlike jaw crusher before starting the auxiliary tool rotation needs heavy flywheel (subsection startup jaw crusher exception).

5. Gyratory crusher products flake products is less than jaw crusher.

The disadvantage of gyratory crusher (compare with jaw crusher):

1. Gyratory crusher airframe is higher than the jaw crusher 2-3 times generally, so the construction cost is bigger.

2. It doesn’t suitable for broke damp and viscous ore.

3. Installation, maintenance is more complex, and overhaul isn’t convenient.

In the design of coarse crushing equipment, it is also consider the nature of the ore, the product’s request, the mill particle size and equipment conditions items. General situation is: when processing sheets and strip shape hard ores, even need more than two jaw crusher can meet the production requirement, but can be used a gyratory crusher replace, it should give priority to gyratory crusher.

Especially crushing plant configuration in slope topography, the solution is more favorable. When broken damp and viscous ore, or production smaller medium and small mill, it appropriate chooses jaw crusher. As for pit, it is usually under broken with jaw crusher. It must be pointed out that when choose the equipment, it should do technical and economic scheme comparison, and choose preferentialness.

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