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How to crush quartz, quartz crusher equipment

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How to crush quartz, quartz crusher equipment

June 4, 2023 nflg 0 Comments


Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. It ranks a seven out of 10 on the Mohs scale, which determines the hardness of a mineral, which means that it can be very difficult to crush. Quartz is crushed in order to separate out gold deposits often found inside. The crushed mineral can also be used for other industrial refining applications.

How to Crush Quartz

1. Use a hammer or chisel to break apart a quartz block. Break apart a large block of quartz by striking it with a hammer. For very large blocks, a chisel may be necessary to more precisely break apart the quartz. Continue this process until all of the pieces are fist-sized or smaller; this will make the quartz easier to work with and crush.

2. A mortar and pestle can be used to crush quartz, but it will require a lot of strength. Crush the quartz by hand, using a mortar and pestel. Press down on the quartz with the pestle, forcing it against the mortar; this will gradually grind and crush it. You can also use a machine, such as a small jaw crusher . Slowly feed the fist-sized pieces of quartz inside the mouth of the small jaw crusher and rotate the wheel to crush the quartz.

3. Sift out larger pieces to be crushed again. Use an 18-mesh screen to sift out the finely crushed quartz from slightly larger crushed pieces. Lay the crushed quartz across the screen and, with gloves on, run your hand across the pieces. The finely crushed pieces will fall through the screen and onto the table or other receptacle.

4. Rework the larger pieces by hand or machine until they, too, are completely crushed. Sort out any gold pieces or other valuable mineral deposits from the rock. Continue crushing and refining the quartz until all of the pieces are between 10 to 40 millimeters in size.

5. Rinse the crushed quartz with water to remove any remaining sediment or contaminants. Let the quartz air dry, or dry it on low heat in the oven.

How to Crush Quartz

Crushing and grinding process is essential in quartz sand, glass and ceramics production line . In crushing process, we use jaw crusher, impact crusher , cone crusher , vsi crusher and mobile crusher as quartz stone crusher machine. These crushers and belt conveyor , vibrating screen, vibrating feeder form a complete quartz crushing plant . Of course, glass crusher and ceramics crusher have differences.

Crushed quartzs are grinded into powder in grinding process using quartz grinding machine. ball mill , vertical mill , ultrafine mill is usually used in this process. The finished size can upto 2500 mesh.

Quartz glass crusher is the crushing machine uesed for crushing quartz into powder. In glass crushing plant, quartz is crushed into small size, then we use quartz grinding machine to grind quartz dust into powder.

There are several types of quartz crushers that can be used as glass crusher. Impact crusher is the widely used quartz stone crusher that used in glass crushing process. It can crush quartz stone into small dust with 10 mm. and the capacity can up to 250 t/p.

Mobile quartz crusher is the essential stone crushers, it includes crushing and screening process. Mobile quartz stone crusher includes four models: mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile cone crusher, crawler type mobile crusher.

NFLG is a manufacturer of gravel crushers and grinder mills, can supplies glass crushing plant, ceramics crushing plant and quartz sand production line. Of course, we can also design quartz crushing plant according to the requirements of customers. NFLG not only provide quartz stone crusher and quartz grinding mill for mining for sale with perfect prices, but also the installastion and maintenance service.

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