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How to solve the cement production processing grinding problem

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How to solve the cement production processing grinding problem

June 15, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Low consumption high-energy stone grinder mill can solve cement production processing grinding problem

In cement production process, the preferred problem is limestone bits. World nation after many tests, the transformation, the developed Raymond milling machine, high-pressure suspended roller mill, three-ring medium-speed mill and overpressure trapezoid mill, European trapezoid grinding mill , vertical mill etc, with vertical mill plant is currently the most widely used crusher, has shattered than big, finished product of granularity, running low cost, simple structure, convenient maintenance. This crusher is deep cavity equipment , crushing longer journeys, beneficial to the material crushing, crushing technology once completed, compare products, production is bigger.

Vertical mill of grinding process is according to humidify towers and precipitator position, with two different layout schemes, where three fan system and double fan system. This arrangement mode can reduce the system work suction pressure and through the dust collector of gas quantity. Usable by electric dust collector also can use the bag dust collector as final dust removal equipment, The dust collecting device can be by electric dust collector or bag dust collector, the grinding gas directly into the dust collector, this system reduces the equipment sets, simplified system configuration. Realize limestone batch production.

After many tests and improvement, this grinding electromechanical motivation through reducer drive from turning millstone, and hot mill within 2 enter, material from next makings mouth fell on a millstone central, is no longer the traditional ball mill that use steel ball and materials, bump, but by centrifugal force function, material from a millstone center to move, after a millstone edge on circular trough, by roll grinding roller and shattered, shattering materials continue to move until being millstone edge wind ring, and the airflow away in large particle materials and dropped a millstone continue the shattered. The material through upper airflow, in turning vane separators, under the action of coarse material from cone crusher fall on a millstone, fine powder together with airflow grind, by the system of the dust collector collection, was collected powder which is made to the products. Whet Materials and shell in gas contact in the process of drying, achieve products required by the dry humidity. By adjusting the separator oriented wind leaf Angle (small mill not adjustable) and rotor speed, then separator can reach products required degree of degrees, thereby improving the efficiency of grinding, adapt to the requirements of environmental protection.

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