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How to use the cone crusher, cone crusher operation

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How to use the cone crusher, cone crusher operation

May 28, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Cone crushers are normally used as a secondary crusher but also it can be used as a primary crusher in processing sand and gravel. During in use, the following details should be taken into account for the longer life.

(1) crusher work should always check the pressure and hydraulic locking system, work stations and so on , of which problems should be identified in time.

(2) The maximum crusher size of <=85% to the mine mouth size, otherwise it will lead to lower production crushing, and certain components of cone crusher will be damaged.

(3) Do not overload to start crusher to avoid accidents.

(4) Cone crusher ore must be allocated work in the middle of the plate, in order to prevent the crusher overload, uneven wear of the liner; this is not allowed that put directly to the ore into the crusher cavity.

(5) Gears. It is be ensured that the proper meshing gears must be covered with additional pads on the bottom, the gasket should be equal to the thickness of circular plate.

(6) Spring. The role of the spring is of important. In the conditions when foreign bodies that are hard to break go into the crushing cavity or for some reasons the equipment is overload, the spring insurance system will realize insurance function, cone crusher’s discharge outlet increases, and the foreign bodies are discharged from the crushing cavity. If foreign bodies stuck in discharge outlet, and cavity clear up system will be used, the outlet continues to open bigger, the foreign bodies will be discharged from the cone crusher cavity. Then, under the force of the spring, the discharge outlet will be automatic reset, the spring cone crusher equipment continues its normal work.

So this is what we have to do that pay attention to the safe of spring. Take it as a example. Cone crusher when the upper part of the normal work of beating, this is not a normal phenomenon must be carefully analyzed the causes and take measures to eliminate, if the error can not be compressed spring will not only work properly, but the damage may occur part, because compression springs caused by the increase in breaking force.

(7) cone-shaped scale board Eccentric shaft sleeve to be strict with the air together, into the zinc alloy to prevent
sleeve rotation, to be filled with all interstitial zinc alloy, zinc alloy due to thermal injection may cause the sake of the deformation of sleeve, so better check the size of the new cone set and found no correct promptly amended, manufacturing spare parts, should be the actual size of the inner diameter of the eccentric sleeve to keep the original with the preparation.

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