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Hydraulic Cone Crusher’s Superiority in Hard Rock Crushing

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Hydraulic Cone Crusher’s Superiority in Hard Rock Crushing

July 2, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Hydraulic cone crusher is a high-energy cone crusher with world advanced level, and it is designed and developed by China NFLG mining machinery Co. LTD together with senior technical experts in Germany. The output and crushing efficiency of the new-type hydraulic cone crusher are greatly improved. What’s more, the application scope is broadened still further, ranging from limestone to basalt, and from stone materials to various ore crushing. It can complete various operation of coarse crushing, fine crushing and superfine crushing with high efficiency. The hydraulic cone crusher is the latest generation of crushing equipment to substitute spring cone crusher and replace the common cone crusher, and it is the ideal equipment for some stone quarries and mining crushing.

During operation, the cone crusher’s electric motor will rotate driven by the belt pulley or coupling, and the drive shaft. The cone crusher’s crushing wall will sometimes approach or leave the surface of the adjusting sleeve. The ores are constantly impacted and compressed in the crushing chamber, thus achieving the crushing effect. If materials that can’t be crushed enter the crushing chamber, or the equipment is overloaded due to certain reasons, the spring safety device will play a role. The discharge port will be amplified, and the impurities can thus be discharged. Under the action of the spring, the discharge port will automatically reset, and the crushing machine can return to normal work.

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