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Hydraulic crusher, hydraulic cone crusher for sale

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Hydraulic crusher, hydraulic cone crusher for sale

May 21, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Hydraulic Crusher

YC series are made in China Hydraulic crusher To illustrate the proper use of the Hydraulic crusher

1, no track-side operation in the excavator breaker.
2, the breaker may not be used as a lifting device.
3, in addition to drill, but not the breaker into the water.
4, to prevent the excavator boom and breaker interference between the drill.
5, intense vibration occurs when the hydraulic hose should stop the breaker operation, and check the pressure accumulator.
6, the hydraulic cylinder piston rod shall not be extended or full contraction the whole operation of breaker condition.
7, do not use hydraulic breaker in the hard rock cavities.
8, before the operation check for loose bolts and connections, and whether there is leakage of hydraulic lines.
9, carefully read the operating manual for the hydraulic breaker to prevent damage to the hydraulic breaker and excavator, and operate them effectively
10, Hydraulic BreakerTo stop the use of long-term nitrogen should be exhausted, and, the oil seal population, not at a high temperature environment and stored below -20 ℃.
11, was broken object has begun to crack or rupture should immediately stop the impact breaker to avoid harmful “air play.”
12, used hydraulic hammer and drill rod should be perpendicular to the face to the principle of radial force does not produce.
13, does not allow breaker hydraulic oil used as pry bar, so as not to break the drill rod.
14, Hydraulic crusher must first drill rod is to pressure in the rock, and to maintain a certain pressure before starting breaker not allowed to start in the vacant state.
15, drill rod shank between the guide sleeve and the cylinder must comply with the Ca-Ca-oil or oil (MoS2) for lubrication, and filling each class once.
16, new and repair of hydraulic breaker must be re-opening of sufficient nitrogen, the pressure should be 2.5 +-0.5MPa.
17, hydraulic breaker with the working medium, usually oil hydraulic system with the same host. General area recommended YB-N46 or YB-N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil, used cold regions YC-N46 or YC-N68 low temperature hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil filtration accuracy of not less than 50.
18, Hydraulic BreakerWork best when the hydraulic oil temperature is 50-60 ℃, the maximum shall not exceed 80 ℃. Otherwise, it should reduce the load on the hydraulic breaker.
19, hydraulic breaker with hydraulic excavators and other construction machinery installation and connection, its main hydraulic system pressure and flow of work must meet the hydraulic requirements of the technical parameters breaker, hydraulic breaker in the “P” port and host high-pressure oil connection, “O” mouth and host the return oil line connections

Hydraulic Hammers
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Hydraulic crushers
We offer hydraulic crushers for all types of demolition. Whether you need a small auricle crusher, medium or super heavy duty hydraulic crusher we are here for you.

mobile crushers
We offer mobile crushers for all types of demolition. It can crush any material coming from building demolition, such as reinforced concrete, tile, rock, marble, etc.. which become totally reusable.

Choosing A Hydraulic Crusher – Need To Know Information

A Hydraulic crusher is used for many purposes, the most common being to break up rock to pebble or dust, and is used in the mining industry to make light work. There are various grades of crusher starting with the more powerful to break larger pieces of rock to smaller when these pieces then need to be ground down to dust. They work in tandem with a hydraulic breaker such as the Furukawa HB20G, which is a bit like a pneumatic drill, and powers down into rock to create chunks that can then be manipulated with the crushers and progress can be made.

The hydraulic crusher works on the principle of a jaw action, and does look reminiscent of a large mechanical mouth with one section of jaw at the bottom and two at the top. The pressure created by the hydraulic mechanism is enough that when the jaws are forced together, even substances like rock will shatter under the pressure and become smaller chunks, and the process can be repeated with smaller grade crushers until the required consistency has been achieved. It is certainly much quicker than man could ever hope to do unaided by machine.

There are many leading manufacturers in the field as the need for this type of heavy machinery is great, and there is always competition to be the best in the market and produce the piece of kit everyone wants to use. Most leading manufacturers also make cone crushers, hammers and hydraulic breakers, as suppliers will be looking to stock all of these products. Having one manufacturer who can supply them all is always an attractive option, as bulk purchase is always going to be cheaper, whether you then pass these savings on to your customers or not.

A key decision when purchasing a hydraulic crusher also has to be the availability of parts and servicing as this is likely to be a key piece of site equipment that needs to be up and running at all times. Having it waiting on parts or needing repair is going to lose you time and money and in the current economic climate this is not something a business is going to want to allow, so it is even more important that ever. Becoming a leading player in the crusher and heavy machinery market is going to be something that many of the manufacturers strive to achieve, as they too are going to be aware of the importance of getting the best for the money from a user end point of view.

It is therefore up to them to make sure that they use high quality control standards and do not cut corners, leaving products weak and prone to failure. It is also possible for smaller operations to hire this sort of equipment. These products tend to be the more durable top end products as they are going to be passed from pillar to post as they tackle a variety of situations every time they are sent out on hire, and a hydraulic crusher is going to be no exception as it is so useful.

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