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Impact hammer crushers OKD

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Impact hammer crushers OKD

May 15, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Impact hammer crushers OKD are of a progressive design that combines the advantages of impact crushers with those of hammer crushers.

Crushers OKD are predominantly used for single-stage crushing of extracted limestone , dolomite, gypsum, limestone marl as well as other medium hard materials and materials that contain sticking clays and loams. As a rule, crushers OKD are used in the cement industry where ball mills are part of the grinding plant.

The exceptional operating properties

High operating reliability
Low cost for operating and maintenance
Long service life of main crushing elements
High specifi c throughput
Excellent degree of comminution
Favorable specifi c electric power consumption
Favorable grain size distribution of the product
Capability to crush even materials containing sticky components
Insensitivity towards non-crushable matters

The rotor of crushers OKD

The rotor of crushers OKD is fitted with staggered hammers that cover the entire working width of the crusher. This design together with the structural arrangement of the crushing chamber provides a high crushing ratio and has the capacity to process materials that could not be processed in the past.

The grate is the second essential component of the crushing space and limits the use of the crusher with regard to the material stickiness. The grate is designed so that the functional plates act as a safety device when non-crushable matter is trapped into the crushing chamber.

Catastrophic failures are minimized when the grate plate breaks. The plate pieces do not come into contact with the rotating hammers, instead, they fall freely into the discharging hopper positioned under the crusher.

PSP Engineering a.s.

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