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Improve the Fine Crushing Technology of the Grinding Mill

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Improve the Fine Crushing Technology of the Grinding Mill

April 3, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Fine crushing technology of grinding mill

The grinding cost will always become the higher part in the mine selection. So how to efficiently and reasonably control the grinding fineness have become the only reason to reduce the cost of the mining selection and also the key factor to the improve the economic benefits of the factors. And the grinding fineness is just the one factor of mine selection, which will also influence the quality and the products recycling. So the technical operators of the ball mill play a key role in the working process. At first,we should give a comprehensive knowledge of the factors influencing the grinding fineness. And the factors are including riginal mining hardness, particle size, latticing mesh ,mine feeding volume ,type of the ball mill, steel ball numbers, particle size, liner plate, rotating speed of the ball mill and grader,the improvement height of the main axis, wearing degree of the of grading blade ,the height position of the grading spillweir, the size and height of the grading upper and lower discharge opening, the water flow volume of the sand returning,the water feeding of the ball mill and also the size of the discharge opening in the ball mill and so on.

with all these factors ,we can check them in the actual operation process and find out the better solutions.

Hardness of the original ores : various ores have various hardness, which is fixed to one kind of ore with no ways to proceed the adjustment. While during the production process , we can make the reasonable adjustment to make our efforts to make a steady ratio of the particle size,shape ,and the powder block .And in the feeding belt conveyor of the ball mill , there will happen the mine leaking due to the long-term wear and majority of the part is the powder .And this part of mine leaking must be added into the ball mill timely if we proceed the central piling and adding , it will cause the unstable production and the unevenly feeding of the ball mill, particular to some troubling minerals .And there also exist different features of powder and block minerals .

And the height of the main shaft of the grader is also one of the vital factors to influence the sand returning and grinding fineness .And during the normal production ,we usually require the main shaft of the grader should be in the proper position .And as to the mineral sand piling in the grader ,the mineral earth will be piled a lot .And when we put down the main shaft of the grader we can not put down them completely ,which will cause the small quantity of the sand returning . While the another reason cam also because the no cleaning of the oil ,so we should pay more attention in the operation process .

The adjustment of the crushing particle and latticing mesh size have become a key point and the operator should give a complete supervisor to the crushing system .And there happen the any changes of the particle size of the feeding size in the process of the ball mill.We should instantly report to the crushing workshop and require the more fineness of the crushing particle size .

the wear of the grader blade : after the wear ,the sand returning will become less and make the grinding become coarse and even reduce the service life of the classifier .So we should inspect the wearing condition during the working process and change them timely .And the space between the blade ,rotating speed of the ball mill and the grader : we should check the consultant when we purchase it .The height of the grader spillweir will influence the piling of the mineral sands and we can adjust the height according to the grinding fineness .And we can weld a height of iron on the both sides of the grader if we want to achieve more fine grinding .And we can also use the board to adjust the height of the spillweir .And the height will be increased by the long-term piling of the mineral sludge .

And the height ,size of the grader’s upper and lower discharge opening will be produced during the installation .And many of the factories have not made this point , which have influenced the grinding work function .And when the lower hopper have a lower position ,the sand piling area is large and the water flow is relatively slow and steady. So we should increase the sand returning and the grinding fineness will become thin .And when the upper hopper become low and large ,the sand returning and grinding fineness will become thin and large and otherwise .

Firstly ,we should think other factors are relatively normal and the principle is : with the certain grinding fineness condition ,we should maximumly improve the processing ratio ,which can efficiently improve the production efficiency .And (most of the ores and special ores exclusion) relatively ,the grinding fineness will become more thin and the useful minerals and the ores will be dissociated fully ,which will benefit the recycling of the metal and improve the grinding fineness .And the grinding has become the first steps in the mineral selection crafts ,which will ensure the stable production .

With the certain minerals feeding , the water flow in the discharge opening and the feeding volume will directly influence the fineness of the grinding mill .And the automatic grinding have not been realized and the water flow is also adjusted manually in the domestic market .And the water flow is very large and the increasment and discreasment is inconspicuously so we have to make a slight adjustment and a complete observation .And we should make this point in our heart : when the water feeding of the ball mill become large the grinding will become thin and otherwise .And when the water flow in the discharge opening become large the spillweir will become thin and otherwise .So in the same condition (including the mineral volume ) ,we can decrease the water volume and increase the water flow in the discharge opening to improve the grinding fineness ,which will also ensure the slight mineral fluctuation with the adjustment of the grinding fineness .And as to the operators of the grinding mill,the mineral fluctuation is larger and the metal recycling and quality will change .And if we want to get a coarse grinding ,we can use the opposite operation .

And with the same grinding fineness ,we can increase the feeding volume of the ball mill .And the size of the mineral feeding should also in a proper volume in the inner body of the ball mill when the grinding fineness have achieved the required fineness .And we should proceed the slight operation during the whole working process .

Grinding mill for sale

Grinding mill machine is a unit operation designed to break a solid material into smaller pieces. There are many different types of grinding mills and many types of materials processed in them. Historically grinding mills were powered by hand (mortar and pestle), working animal, wind (windmill) or water (watermill). Today they are also powered by electricity.

Grinder mill machine widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, coal, cement industry, mining minerals in areas such as grinding materials processing. According to the fine grinding of materials and discharging materials fineness, grinding mill machines can be divided into Raymond mill powder machine, high pressure hanging roller mill, high pressure suspension powder mill, through centrifugal mill overpressure trapezoid mill, tricyclic in the six-speed milling machine types.

Our grinding mill machine mainly is ball mill, raymond mill, vertical mill , high pressure grinding mill,coarse powder grinding mill, super thin grinding mill, MTM trapezium grinding mill and MTW trapezium grinding mill.

Ball mill is earlist grinding mill machine. The main advantage of it is high yield and throughput. Raymond mill is a kind of new-typed moderating-speed coal mill , which is developed on the basis of RP; its components are newly developed.

High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill is a new kind of grinding mill, which is invented with great concentration and on the basis of many years of powder processing experiences. This new patent product with high efficiency and low energy consumption opened up an epoch of the international industry pulverizing.

LM series vertical mill adopts reliable structure and reasonable process flow integrated with drying, milling, classifier, elevator. After in combination with the European technology and the market demand, our vertical mill can fully meet the requirement of clients in the high production of powder.

Coarse Powder Grinding Mill is a kind of new high-tech grinding mill to meet the requirements of sand processing customers.
Super thin grinding mill were designed based on more than 15 years’ production experience of our company, we absorb technology advantages from the same field abroad and domestic, organizing elite powder processing experts to investigate, research, try again and again; finally, we develop this high-efficiency and low-cost SCM Series Super Thin Grinding Mill.

MTM Medium Speed Trapezium Grinding Mill is designed by our own engineers and technical workers to overcome the traditional mills defect completely in application, capacity, fineness, energy consumption, service life, etc.

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