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In-Pit of Crushing and Conveying System

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In-Pit of Crushing and Conveying System

June 11, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

In-Pit of Crushing and Conveying System

Contrary to Indian practice, in China, both rail haulage and truck transportation are employed and the former accounts for 53 percent of total iron ores handled. Some opencast mines have turned deep (more than 100m) and more than ten such mines are working at present. Under these circumstances, only rail haulage cannot handle such transportation of ores and this rail transportation necessitated increased traction force and raised climbable grade (4 percent). So, combined haulage system, such as truck-rail-road and truck-belt conveyor is now being deployed. This practice has given full advantage of both flexibility of truck haulage and large haulage capacity with steep grade negotiation of belt conveyors which relatively cost less. Till recently, truck railway and truck, and electric shovels were being used for reloading.

But this mode was proved to be less effective and costly. For this purpose, a fixed transfer station having facility of apron feeder has now been used in some opencast mines and this practice is giving better results. As a whole, this combined system has brought in considerable cost reduction, improved labour productivity and decrease in truck haulage.

Further, a rail road and conveyor system for disposal of waste was built in Donganshan open pit. This conveyor system is 3 km long with 1.2 m wide belt having disposal capacity of 6 Mt per year and height of disposed waste is 90 – 130 m. Another medium size mine has 2.5 km long conveyor having disposal capacity of 5 Mt per year. In Daugshan open-pit, two conveyor belt systems for ore haulage and waste disposal, respectively, are installed in inclined shaft having total belt length of 2.8 km. Although a few problems exist in belt conveyor haulage system in China, advantages outweigh those problems. The conveyor belt systems in opencast iron ore mines are becoming popular especially in large open pits of more than 100 m deep.

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