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Industrial large-scale milling machine make the asbestos tailings turn waste into treasure

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Industrial large-scale milling machine make the asbestos tailings turn waste into treasure

April 12, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Project driven strategy

In recent years, Aksai Kazakh Autonomous County in Gansu Province to actively implement the “project driven strategy”, in project construction, but also constantly enhancing resource protection and economic sustainable development. For the region, large reserves of asbestos tailings, and actively introduce large-scale milling machines and other mineral grinding equipment , new on the economical use of mineral resources three economic and social development projects, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of associated minerals, so that money is not a Change the value of asbestos tailings waste to treasure.

Projects include:

1, Asbestos tailings, and efficient utilization project. The project Aksai County, asbestos mines, asbestos tailings as raw material, through the production of ultra-fine grinding mill crushing magnesium hydroxide, superfine white carbon black, iron hydroxide, light building materials such as high-quality products. Project a total investment of 98.71 million yuan, after completion, the annual 7,000 tons of magnesium hydroxide to produce ultra-fine, ultra-fine grinding silicon dioxide 6400 tons, can be realized sales income of 178.2 million yuan, profit 57.85 million yuan.

2,2 million tons of superfine heavy calcium carbonate grinding processing projects. The project Aksai County, asbestos mines, asbestos in serpentinite tailings as the raw material, using large-scale crushing machine Raymond powder machine processing. Project a total investment of 7.6479 million yuan, from August 2005 to carry out preliminary work has been completed the feasibility study, preparation of environmental impact assessment report has been submitted to Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

3, Asbestos tailings wet recycling process industrialization demonstration production line . The project is the recycling of asbestos in the production process can not be gravity flotation mill was abandoned asbestos dust. The project plans to invest 34.758 million yuan, the construction period is 2006-2010.

After such a structured selection process to realize the depth of the local development and use of asbestos tailings, for local economic development has brought a new impetus.

Grinder manufacturers NFLG, Raymond mill in improving the same time, has introduced proprietary products, such as high-pressure Suspension Grinder, three-ring medium speed micro-powder Mill and beyond the trapezoidal Mill. Against power plant limestone , NFLG Industry has launched high-yield milling machine — Super Pressure Trapezium Grinder machine, the device also NFLG Industry patented product, and was awarded Technical Achievement Award in Henan Province Science and Technology; for water, slag, slag, very large projects such as fly ash in the flour problem, NFLG to address the industrial mill output and lower energy consumption and higher technical problems, absorbing advanced technology in Europe in conjunction with our company for many years design and manufacture of advanced mill concept and market demand After many years of concentrated design of improved large-scale grinding equipment. vertical mill with a reasonable and reliable structural design, with advanced technological process, set drying, grinding, classifying, upgrade in one, especially in the large-scale grinding process, fully meet the customer demand, the main technical, economic indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Industry has introduced a large milling machine, technological innovation, to a certain extent, to meet the processing needs, so a lot of waste expected to be utilized effectively.

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