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Iron ore beneficiation technology

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Iron ore beneficiation technology

May 15, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

1. Magnetite beneficiation of low grade
Mainly used for sorting the “Anshan type” magnetite. Since strong magnetic minerals, a good grinding good selection of domestic magnetic separation plant are used stage grinding and multi-stage grinding process, the coarse-grained disseminated magnetite by the former (a grinding), fine-grained, micro-fine disseminated magnetite with the latter (Sec or three grinding). Developed our own series of permanent magnet, thus enabling realization of a permanent magnet of the magnetic separator. 70 years later, the magnetite concentrator in the country to promote a fine sieve and then grinding the new technology, the concentrate grade from 62% to 66%, to achieve the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry 65% \u200b\u200bconcentrate grade requirements.

2. Weakly magnetic iron ore
80 years later, magnetic beneficiation technology for roasting, wet high intensity magnetic separation, flotation and re-election of the weak magnetism and other processes, equipment and new varieties of pharmaceutical research continue to improve , so concentrate grade, metal recovery continues to increase. Such as the Anshan Iron and Steel Qidashan Concentrator with weak magnetic – magnetic – the new flotation process (Figure 3.2.24), obtained encouraging achievements.

3. Polymetallic total (with) ORE
Mineral composition of such complex, diverse, so the method used, equipment and processes are different, such as the Bayan Obo iron ore by reverse flotation – more gradient magnetic separation, flocculation and flotation, weak magnetic – reverse flotation – intensity magnetic separation, weak magnetic – are flotation, magnetic separation, such as different roasting process, in order to improve the recovery rate of iron and comprehensive recovery of rare earth oxides. Panzhihua Iron TFe53% by magnetic separation to obtain about vanadium iron ore, magnetic separation tailings after the election by weak magnetic sweep – intensity magnetic separation – gravity – flotation – dry electrostatic separation, titanium ore and sulfur to obtain fine cobalt ore, recovery of titanium and cobalt. Daye Iron Mine by weak magnetic – magnetic and flotation, comprehensive recovery of iron, copper and cobalt, sulfur and other elements.

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