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Iron ore broken grinding technology and equipment

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Iron ore broken grinding technology and equipment

June 17, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

iron ore broken grinding technology and equipment

The iron ore dressing plant in China: a period flow to have broken open flow, more for autogenous grinding mill ; Three sections of a closed-circuit or three sections of open, more for large and medium-sized choose plant; Two paragraphs open and two paragraphs, the rare homenork; Four sections of crushing flowsheets mill in large and medium-sized, also have adopted.

Iron ore dressing plant, grinding process, most use period of whole closed-circuit two paragraphs grinding process and stage grinding choose process. Also have use period of grinding and three sections of grinding, three sections of grinding is mainly used in the first paragraph rod milling replace the finely or concentrate fine screen grinding process again. Grinding to ball – the ball grinding process is given priority to, rod milling – ball mill process component.

Crushing equipment have Ф 1200, 1350/180, 1500/300mm etc specifications of spinning back crusher, and of large and medium-sized mill plant application; jaw crusher in small and medium mill used more often, specifications 400 * 600, 600 * 900, 900 * 1200, 1200 * 1500mm etc. Ф 2100, crushing Ф multi-purpose 2200mm etc, the single cylinder hydraulic individually. Have a few sets of college 2134mm imported hydraulic cone crusher in use. And that supporting screening equipment and are mainly used for vibration sieve machine, its specifications for 1800 * 3600, 1,500 * 4,000, 1,500 * 3000mm etc. Broken product size for 25 ~ 0 to 12 ~ 0mm, etc. Various kinds of particle size.

Grinding equipment have 2.7 * 2.1, 2.7 * 3.6, 3.2 * 3.1, 3.6 * 4.0, 3.2 * 4.5 m etc specifications of the mill, and supporting classification equipment for hierachial machine, more than the specifications Ф 1200, 2000, there 2400mm mill, and some Ф 350 or use the hydrocyclone 500mm, also have use linear sieve. In stage grinding choose process used more 400 * 1200, 10.5 * 1400mm nylon fine screen with several dozers, high-frequency fine screen in iron ore dressing plant application platform.

Autogenous grinding mill of iron ore, has already about 30 dry and wet, a whole autogenous grinding and a semi-autogenous grinding mill. A semi-autogenous grinding mill in increasing. Process for a autogenous grinding process; Autogenous grinding stone crushing flowsheets -; Autogenous grinding ball grinding process. – More from grinding machine for Ф 5.5 * 1.8 mm, there are 4 * 1.4, 6 * 2m. Supporting the grading equipment for hierachial machine, linear vibration sieve drum etc.

Grinding medium for more than ordinary steel, scrap steel, cast iron ball, consumption is 1.5 ~ 2.0 kg/t. Multi-purpose high manganese steel lining board, consumption is only 13-hundredths ~ 0.23 kg/t. In the 1980s, heat treatment gangqiu, high carbon steel ball, in low chrome cast iron ball, rare earth magnesium (RE), medium carbon steel ball lining board, rubber lining board in the application of the increase. Magnetic are foils are also beginning to applications.

Some in the mill ore-milling classification circulation research and application of automatic control, use a conventional control and microcomputer control, can undertake mill to ore amount, ground pulp density and particle size control. And developed online granularity cryoscope and online grade analyzer.

Grinding technology for broken have an important impact on economic effect of large efficient broken whet equipments, wear-resisting material and process optimization of automatic control technology, is apart from the advanced level there is considerable disparity.

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