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Jaw Crusher BB 51 for laboratory scale pre-crushing

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Jaw Crusher BB 51 for laboratory scale pre-crushing

June 5, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The jaw crusher BB 51 has been specially designed for sample preparation in the laboratory. The space-saving, dusttight instrument fits on any laboratory bench. Small amounts of sample with large feed sizes are crushed gently and without loss.

The Jaw Crusher BB 51 rests on four rubber feet and has a closed housing whose interior cannot be accessed by hands. The on-off switch and gap width setting (0 – approx. 10 mm) with digital display are conveniently located on the front panel. Reproducible results are ensured by the zero-point adjustment of the gap width. This means that any breaking jaw wear can be compensated.

The feed hopper of the BB 51 can be easily dismantled for cleaning. Breaking jaws and wearing plates are available in five different materials. The choice of material depends on the sample and the analysis to be carried out. A new version for heavy-metal-free size reduction is now available. The breaking jaws and wearing plates are easily exchanged. This means that the jaw crusher can be converted to suit different applications.

The BB 51 is driven by a powerful single-phase AC motor with 1100 W. A disc spring package and thermal overload protection device protect the jaw crusher against overloading. Due to permanently lubricated bearings and its solid design, the BB 51 is virtually

Its compact size makes the BB 51 an ideal choice for use in mobile laboratories. Carrying handles for the jaw crusher are available on request

Benefits at a glance

■ Compact, space-saving benchtop instrument
■ Excellent performance and high final fineness (d90 <0.5 mm)
■ Digital gap width display
■ Zero-point adjustment for wear compensation
■ Neutral-to-analysis size reduction thanks to breaking jaws made from 5 different materials
■ Safe and user-friendly
■ Escape-free hopper
■ Dust-tight, maintenance-free
■ Smooth and quiet operation
■ 2-year warranty, CE-conforming

Jaw crusher technology

RETSCH jaw crushers are robust and powerful forced-feed crushers. The feed material passes through the no-rebound hopper and enters the crushing chamber. Size reduction takes place in the wedge-shaped area between the fixed crushing arm and one moved by an eccentric drive shaft. The elliptical motion crushes the sample which then falls under gravity.

As soon as the sample is smaller than the discharge gap width, it falls into a removable collector. The continuous gap width setting with scale resp. digital display ensure optimal size reduction in accordance with the set gap width value.

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