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Jaw crusher explain and working principle

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Jaw crusher explain and working principle

May 19, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

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Jaw crusher abbreviation NFLG broken (also named tiger mouth) appeared in 1858, the first widely used in construction engineering, later used in a mine. With big crushing ratio. jaw crusher product of granularity, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low operating cost, etc

Jaw crusher profile:

Jaw crusher (also named tiger mouth) appeared in 1858, the first widely used in construction engineering, later used in a mine. With big crushing ratio, product of granularity, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low operating cost, etc. jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgical industry, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries multitudinous departments, the broken compressive strength not more than 320 mpa various materials.

Purpose and use scope

1, this series crusher is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramic industries crushing and finely made of hard rocks and ores in use.

2, the series crusher most suitable for crushing compressive strength is not higher than 320MPa (mpa) of various soft ore, being broken biggest chunk degrees of material must not be more than technical parameter table stipulated

Structure profiles of jaw crushers

Jaw crusher mainly by fixed body, rotating body, insurance device, adjusting devices etc more parts.

1, fixed body: jaw crusher fixed body main part is frame, rack manufacturing technology has two kinds: medium-carbon steel casting frame and medium-carbon steel plate welding fixture. In the original casting welding frame is the basis of frame increased again, and more than reinforced by the strict quality control and the specific process requirement, achieve and casting the use effect of same frame. In order to prevent serious wear and factory-installed wall in the crushing cavity left-right side with guard board, can change at will.

2, rotating body: by dynamic jaw, eccentric shaft, bearings, pulley to wait for a few parts, is jaw crusher transmission and endurance of the main parts.

A, move by move jaw jaws stents and activities jaw plate etc parts, jaw broken by the dynamic jaw stents, and after 35 # steel casting and tempered.

B, jaw broken machines by 45 # steel eccentric shaft system, and after car and tempered.

C, bearing adopt double row centripetal spherical roller bearing with adjustment, endurance, durable characteristic.

D, jaw plate points activities and fixed two kinds, for increase crushing effect, and the surface of the tooth shape optimization, material USES ZGMn13 has high hardness, wear-resisting, use effect good characteristics.

3, adjusting device: this device is used to adjust the size the discharging port, control jaw crusher the grain-size. Our factory jaw crusher regulators have two kinds of forms: carry long wedge block type and plunger gasket type, adjust is convenient and flexible, which can adjust steplessly.

Performance characteristics

1.Crushing cavity depth and no dead zone, improve the feeding capacity and output;

2. Its big crushing ratio, the product of granularity;

3. Gasket type discharging mouth adjusting devices, reliable convenient, wide adjustment, increased equipment flexibility;

4. Lubrication system safety and reliable, easy replacement of parts, maintenance workload is small;

5. Simple structure, reliable work, operation cost is low.

6. The saving-energy equipment: single 15% ~ 30% energy, more than doubling system energy saving;

7. Discharging mouth adjustment range of big, can satisfy different user requirements;

8. Low noise, little dust.

Jaw crusher work principle:

Jaw crusher has a variety of structure, work principle is the same, namely through periodic motion to move hubei. Moving in hubei crushing material around the suspension swinging heart axial fixation in the process of hubei, located between the two materials and hubei board by crush, fracturing and bending comprehensive effect. In the beginning, the pressure is lesser, make the material smaller, material of between toward each other, squeezed tightly; When pressure rise to more than material can withstand strength, namely happen. Conversely, when moving broken hubei to the opposite direction from fixed hubei, swing by material is self-possessed downward motion.

Move each of hubei periodically to make materials movement by a crush role, and to discharge send a distance. After several cycles, being broken after the material comes from discharging mouth eduction. As motor turns continuously turned and broken motor jaw make periodic motion crush and discharge material, realize batch production.

Maintenance methods

To ensure the jaw crusher work normally, except for proper operation outside, must be planned repair, including daily maintenance check, minor repairs, repairing and overhaul.

(1) minor repairs: main content includes the check and repair adjusting devices, high-speed discharging mouth clearance, to wear the foils switching or replacement. Maintenance transmission part, lubrication system and replace lubricating oil etc. Minor repairs the cycle of 1-3 months or so.

(2) long: besides minor repairs whole work outside, still include replacement thrust board, foils, inspection and repair bearings, etc. The cycle of repairing typically 1-2 years or so.

(3) overhaul: all the work besides repair, replace or outside, still include turning partiality axis and dynamic jaw mandrels, head of the department of cast connecting to replace or repair babbitt each wear parts. The cycle is commonly overhaul 5 years.

jaw crusher instructions

(a) jaw crusher preparation before starting

1, carefully check the lubrication conditions are good, bearings cubits plate joint is there enough grease.

2, carefully check all fasteners whether completely tighten.

Three, protective device are good, unsafe, shall be immediately eliminate the phenomenon.

4, check the crushing cavity without ore or other sundries within, if have, shall be immediately eliminated.

(2) jaw crusher start-up

1, through inspection, proof machine and transmission part condition normal can only starting.

2, the machine can in no load cases starting.

3, startup, if found to have not normal situations, should stop immediately, to clarify the cause eliminate hidden dangers, before starting again.

(3) jaw crusher maintenance and use

1, crusher, and then release the normal operation.

2, stay crushing material should be evenly to join in, and crushing cavity should be avoided, prevent load side feeding mutate or unilateral turkestan increase.

3, under normal working circumstances, bearing temperature should not exceed 30 ℃, the highest temperature should not be more than 70 ℃, otherwise should stop immediately, find out the reason to eliminate them.

4, parking, should first stop feeding before crushing cavity, wait for material is fully being broken, and then closed emptying of the motor.

5, when use, if by crushing cavity material obstruction and cause downtime, shall be immediately closed motor, must be excluded, the material after any use.

6, jaw plate end use after wearing switching.

(4) jaw crusher lubrication

1st, completes the friction surface often note timely work, can guarantee the machine lubricate the normal operation and prolong service life.

2, the machine adopts the grease, should according to use location, temperature conditions to decide, general can use calcium base, sodium base or calcium sodium base grease.

3 and join for its volume of the bearing grease of 40 to 70 percent, once every three months must be replaced; Change new oil with a clean gasoline must bearing housings cleaning or kerosene in dirt.

4, elbow to elbow plate MATS contact board in machine start before, must join grease.

Safety operation procedures

1, operating the machine personnel, subject to security education;

2, equipment, forbidden from inside machine faced on peeping;

3, equipment operation, forbidden to make any adjustments, cleaning and maintenance, etc;

4, equipment operation, forbidden by hand directly on the feeding port crushing cavity in handling and pitched stone; within

5 and the electrical equipment connected to ground, and put the electric line in insulating tube.

Development trend

(1) the international famous brand of advanced equipment constantly optimize the development, the direction is the adoption of the new design idea, introducing the modern science and technology and large.

(2) crushing theory and experiment technology and technology development, catastrophe theory, fractal theory, discrete teaching method was introduced in the theoretical study of the crushed. ball mill process theory research and broken ground function indices have reported research had. Crushing test technology tends to use small lab test and computer simulation replace half industrial test.

(3) material layer of crushing engineering equipment crushing theory research and development has had a huge impact. New equipment in development and old equipment modification universally accepted this principle.

(4) due to achieve more broken less the key is to reduce eventually grind the granularity of product (i.e. crushing grain size), so this grind a range of scientific research and development work, crushing equipment is greater than the proportion of the grinding equipment, which is finely and super finely equipment research and development represents a significant proportion.

(5) in order to achieve more broken little mill, more and more domestic advanced international crushing engineering equipment, and more introduce large equipment.

(6) the domestic development in small and medium of shattered engineering equipment, development characteristics mainly is the type diversification. Some products (such as the ball mill) in toward large-scale direction.

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