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Jaw Crusher Flywheel, Flywheels-Function need and Operation

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Jaw Crusher Flywheel, Flywheels-Function need and Operation

May 18, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The jaw crusher flywhell is a key part of jaw crusher structure when the jaw crusher working normally. A flywheel is an inertial energy-storage device. It absorbs mechanical energy and serves as a reservoir, storing energy during the period when the supply of energy is more than the requirement and releases it during the period when the requirement of energy is more than the supply.

Flywheels-Function need and Operation

The main function of a fly wheel is to smoothen out variations in the speed of a shaft caused by torque fluctuations. If the source of the driving torque or load torque is fluctuating in nature, then a flywheel is usually called for. Many machines have load patterns that cause the torque time function to vary over the cycle. Internal combustion engines with one or two cylinders are a typical example. Piston compressors, punch presses, rock crushers etc. are the other systems that have fly wheel.

Design Approach of jaw crushers Flywheel

There are two stages to the design of a flywheel. First, the amount of energy required for the desired degree of smoothening must be found and the (mass) moment of inertia needed to absorb that energy determined.

Then flywheel geometry must be defined that caters the required moment of inertia in a reasonably sized package and is safe against failure at the designed speeds of operation.

Design Parameters

Flywheel inertia (size) needed directly depends upon the acceptable changes in the speed. The geometry of a flywheel may be as simple as a cylindrical disc of solid material, or may be of spoked construction like conventional wheels with a hub and rim connected by spokes or arms Small fly wheels are solid discs of hollow circular cross section. As the energy requirements and size of the flywheel increases the geometry changes to disc of central hub and peripheral rim connected by webs and to hollow wheels with multiple arms.

Jaw crusher flywheel manufacturer NFLG

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Jaw crusher flywheel application and use

Jaw crusher flywheel to store fixed jaw when the energy of air travel, and then used in industry to form, so that the mechanical work is in line uniformly. Also plays a role in the flywheel pulley. Cast iron or cast steel wheel manufacturing often, often made ​​of minicomputers integral flywheel. Flywheel manufacture, installation should pay attention to static equilibrium.

Flywheel is a mechanical device with a significant moment of inertia used as a storage device for rotational energy. Flywheels resist changes in theirrotational speed, which helps steady the rotation of the shaft when a fluctuating torque is exerted on it by its power source such as a piston-based (reciprocating) engine, or when an intermittent load, such as a piston pump, is placed on it.

Flywheels can be used to produce very high power pulses for experiments, where drawing the power from the public network would produce unacceptable spikes. A small motor can accelerate the flywheel between the pulses. Recently, flywheels have become the subject of extensive research as power storage devices for uses in vehicles and power plants; see flywheel energy storage.

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