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Jaw Crusher Hazard

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Jaw Crusher Hazard

May 17, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

This Hazard Alert is to inform the suppliers, employers, plant owners and workers about the hazards of jaw crushers used in the concrete recycling industry.

jaw crusher Hazard Background
A worker in the concrete recycling industry in the ACT sustained serious head injuries when a piece of solid steel approximately 22cm in diameter, 8cm in thickness and about 20kg in weight was forcibly ejected from the opening of the jaws and struck his forehead.

The jaw crusher involved was driven by a fly wheel. When the plant was turned off, the momentum of the fly wheel, kept the jaws running on for a while until it fully stopped. During this period, the solid metal object that resulted in the injury was ejected from the jaws. Investigation indicated that the forcible ejection of material during the running on period was most likely to occur when the crusher was nearly empty as the feed to it had been stopped.

Preventive Measures
In order to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, it is essential that employers ensure that:
• Whenever practicable, the opening of the jaws is guarded during the course of operation, especially during the running-on period until it is fully stopped.
• Adequate training and information on the safety procedures associated with the operation and maintenance of the jaw crusher, including the guard is provided.
• A safe system of work is implemented and supervised so that safe work practices are adhered to.

Jaw Crusher Hazard: Duties under the ACT Occupational Health and Safety Act 1989
The ACT Occupational Health and Safety Act 1989 (the Act) imposes a duty of care on all parties to take all reasonably practical steps to ensure that plant and equipment used in the workplace present no risks to health or safety. Penalties exist for breaches of the Act.

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