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Jaw crusher hydraulic overload protection components function

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Jaw crusher hydraulic overload protection components function

June 1, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

(1) Cylinder provide jaw crusher thrust plate work normally required thrust, overload when in cylinder piston hydraulic increases, right shift retract, to limit crusher biggest crushing strength,

(2) The accumulator reduce hydraulic system hydraulic pulse, make action valve in the overload when the oil; accurate operation discharge

(3) CAM device it is piston type fuel injection pump column under the fort, moving energy input device,

(4) Oil pressure adjusting device according to system hydraulic rise or fall, through its internal small pistons role, driven by the fork of institutions plunger type fuel plunger anticlockwise or clockwise one Angle,

(5) Piston type to optimize system to provide high pressure oil plunger, in the cylinder surface milling spiral slides, have concreted complete column in the upper Pannonia slot pump chamber interlinked, Plunger sets have feeding holes and output oil hole. The pump oil effectively by the piston stroke and plunger set position relative to determine when piston counterclockwise rotation, effectively reduce stroke, pumping fewer; conversely, pumping increase,

(6) Action valve movements valve as self-designed device, inside area of different two piston, when the cavity pressure is higher than the inferior vena pressure, the piston moves down, on cavity discharge the oil; When the cavity pressure lower than or equal to the inferior vena pressure, piston in limit position, pressure-relief on oil mouths blocked by hydraulic system under normal working condition.

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