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Jaw crusher installation

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Jaw crusher installation

June 12, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

jaw crusher is a equipment periodically by movable jaw approaching and leaving fixed jaw to broken the materials entered in crushing cavity. Jaw crusher consists of base , movable jaw, main shaft, connecting rod, thrust plate, flywheel and motor.

How to install and test run the jaw crusher?

1. Jaw crusher needs to be installed in a place sheltered from rain, do not place in the open.

2. The motor should be installed behind the jaw crusher,the rotation direction must be done according to the requirement, and may not reverse.

3. Due to the vibration of jaw crusher is large at work so the machine should be installed on the concrete foundation. In order to reduce vibration, noise and influence towards the nearby building and structure, it shall place hardwood pad, rubber belt or other damping materials between crusher and concrete foundation.It should set aside discharge trough on foundation. The discharge trough should be laid a layer of metal plate and have enough angle of inclination(should depend on the liquidity of material, shall not be less than 50 °), to avoid blocking the successful eduction of broken product.

4. The size of discharge opening should be adjusted according to the product particle size.
When adjust, it should loosen the T bolts and taut spring firstly.Use bolts from the top prop the adjust base, insert or take out some corresponding gaskets, then return the bolts from the top, the adjust base under the action of weight press to frame ear seat, at the same time press the gaskets group on together. Since then, adjusting spring strain degree to ensure that the toggle plate clings with toggle plate pad when the machine works. Spring stress levels shall be set at the stage that can eliminate the noise between toggle plate and toggle plate pad but not easily fall off at work, finally it is advisable that lock the adjust base.

5. The coordination and management between jaw crusher and other equipments should be in favor of the assembly line working, ensure the working face without congestion.

6. In order to make the transportation of raw material and finished product convenient, it is better to use the mechanization transportation equipment for feeding and discharging materials.

7. Before commissioning, tighten the screws up and connecting parts, check the lubrication conditions.

8.Firstly using human power move the pulley to confirm the running is unimpeded. Then do the test without loading. In two hours it must not have impact, noise, seal leakage and pulley swing and shafts loose etc.. Temperature rise of Bearing should not more than 35 degrees, if discover any problems it must immediately stop the machine and do inspection.

9. Users should test the jaw crusher with load by 10 hours and adopted second hard ore. If there is no above problems and the temperature rise of bearing is not more than 70 degrees, then it can be put into production.

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