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Jaw Crusher Maintenance Knowledge,crusher knowledge

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Jaw Crusher Maintenance Knowledge,crusher knowledge

July 16, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

jaw crusher maintenance knowledge

Jaw crusher is a widely used stone crusher or rock crusher in mining and construction industry. NFLG can supply you traditional jaw crusher, jc series European jaw crusher, small jaw crusher, South Africa jaw crusher, Germany jaw crusher etc. Jaw crusher maintenance takes important role in jaw crusher service life.

1.Jaw Crusher Daily Maintenance
Lubricating Parts
Lubricating parts are used to adding lubricant conveniently and reliably into the needing parts of the crusher. (This machine has four parts that needed lubricant: the four shaft bearings.)
2. Jaw Crusher Lubrication
(1) To make sure that the machine can work well and has long working life, please add lubricant in time (add lubricant every 3-5 days).
(2) The lubricating grease that needs to add into the plate of shaft bearings is 50%-70% of total volume of the plate. Please add every 3-6 months. Please clean the roller path of rolling bearing carefully with clean petrol or kerosene before adding lubricating grease. Oil drain hole should be opened during cleaning.
(3) The lubricating grease is chosen according to different climate and district. Calcium base grease, Sodium base grease, and calcium-sodium base grease can be used. Use the mixture of thin oil and lubricating grease if the lubricating grease is too dry.
(4) Lubricating grease need to be added into the joints of toggle plate and its underlay during installing and repairing.

NFLG stone crusher changes construction waste into wealth

In the past, the construction waste brought a sea of troubles for the governor and the citizens. Nowadays, it suddenly turns into the hot property for making bricks and concrete through the construction waste disposal equipment of NFLG machinery Company.

NFLG Machinery adopts the construction waste as aggregate, and has already built the first construction waste disposal equipment system in China. It effectively solves the construction waste disposal, construction waste squander etc. NFLG Machinery artesian packing technique, on the one hand, it adopts the worked construction waste material as the aggregate, and can solve the stacking problem of construction waste, eliminating the construction waste pollution for the environment and water resource, thus reduces the cost of filling. On the other hand, the construction waste artesian packing gives consideration to slurry concentration and mobility; so as to improve the goaf filling, thus enhance the safety of urban construction. NFLG Machinery has established the professional team for construction waste disposal equipment through adopting the advantages such as management, technology and talent etc. It helps to promote the construction waste disposal equipment at home.

NFLG Machinery construction waste disposal equipment is divided into stationary type and movable type. The stationary type includes vibrating feeder , vibrating screen , jaw crusher, impact crusher , sand making machine , cone crusher etc. the movable type includes PP Series portable crushing and screening plant and crawler-type crushing and screening plant.

The recycling of construction waste handles furthest the waste resource. Meanwhile, it also prevents the problems such as the land area occupation, environmental pollution etc, and realizes the cleaner production and cyclic development.

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