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Jaw Crusher Repair and Overhaul

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Jaw Crusher Repair and Overhaul

May 2, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

jaw crusher operation warning

• Never attempt to work on quarry equipment while it is in operation. Always stop the machinery , lockout power and tag controls. . .
1. Before performing any lubrication, maintenance, adjustments or repairs.
2. Before removing spilled materials.
3. Before clearing jams or working inside the machinery.
4. If any unusual noises or sudden changes in operation are noticed.

• Stay clear of feed and discharge areas and other places where falling rock is present. Keep away from loading vehicles. Wear and use personal protective equipment in accordance with all applicable health and safety regulations. Safety goggles, hard hat, ear plugs and steel toe shoes are mandatory when working near machinery. Wear and use additional personal protective equipment as required.

• Stay clear of springs and other pinch points. Never reach in-between vibrating equipment and its support structure. Keep a safe distance from all moving components.

• Never attempt to enter the crushing chamber when tramp iron or other uncrushable objects are wedged inside. These materials are under tremendous pressure and may be propelled upwards through the feed opening at any time. On crushers not equipped with hydraulic clearing, use a pole, hook, grappling device or breaker bar to safely dislodge uncrushable objects.

• Do not make equipment modifications that will result in a safety hazard or create a dangerous situation Never remove or disable safety devices. Maintain all machinery in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and maintenance schedules.

• Read the operator’s manuals for the equipment that you operate. Be sure that you fully understand all phases of operation for each machine. A careful and well-trained operator is the best insurance against an accident.

• Refer to the Telsmith Quarry Equipment Safely Guide for important quarry safety information. If your copy of the Safety Guide is missing, replacement copies may be obtained from your local Telsmith dealer or the Telsmith Parts Department.

• All rotating power products are potentially dangerous and must be properly guarded. Placement of guards and other safety equipment is the user’s responsibility. Such equipment must be installed wherever appropriate and maintained as required.

• It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that quarry equipment is installed and used in a safe and lawful manner. All machinery must be operated in compliance with applicable health and safety laws and general standards of reasonable care.

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