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Jaw Crushers BB 100, BB 200, BB 300

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Jaw Crushers BB 100, BB 200, BB 300

May 20, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Convenient and safe power packages

Robust design, simple handling and cleaning are the features of the BB 100, BB 200 and BB 300 models. For small amounts of sample the jaw crushers can be used batch-wise; for larger amounts they can be operated continuously.

Neutral-to-analysis results are ensured by four different types of material for the breaking jaws and wearing plates. The interior of the no-rebound feed hopper cannot be accessed by hands. It is hinged so that the crushing chamber is easily accessible for cleaning. Only a few steps are needed to exchange the breaking jaws and clean the jaw crusher .

The crushed sample is collected in a removable collector. For larger amounts or continuous crushing operations, the sample collector can be replaced by customer-specific solutions. Stainless steel and plastic sample collectors are available for the BB 300.

The grinding chamber is enclosed almost dust-tight. To remove any fine dust which could contaminate the surroundings, each crusher is equipped with a connection for dust extraction; this requires the use of an industrial vacuum cleaner. Special conversion kits for the central lubrication of the lower movable crushing arm roller bearings are available for the BB 200 and BB 300. The is particularly advantageous if the jaw crushers are to be used continuously or, for example, if the jaw crusher is built into a processing line in such a way that the lubrication points are difficult to access manually.

A safety switch and brake motor ensure an immediate stop if the unit is opened or switched on incorrectly. A Belleville spring washer integrated in the spindle adjustment provides additional overload protection. The eccentric spindle which moves the crushing arm is driven by a robust brake motor via V-belts. The largest belt pulley also acts as the flywheel to ensure uniform and smooth operation. Models BB 200 and BB 300 are also available as process line versions suitable for inclusion in preparation units.

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