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June 23, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

For over 100 years, Castolin Eutectic has been a pioneer and leader in wear and fusion technologies. Welding, brazing, thermal spray and wear plates – these are our core technologies for providing innovative, cost-effective and complete solutions for prolonging the service life of equipment in all major industries.

Based upon hundreds of successful applications approved by our clients across the globe, Castolin Eutectic can provide optimized solutions with a wide range of products and technologies to combat specific wear in Power Plants. Castolin Eutectic has a detailed understanding of every major wear problem within the Cement industry, and can provide industry-tested application solutions.

Our know-how is shared worldwide through our international CemTec team, composed of specialists in cement production process applications. The forces that pull our extensive know-how together around the world are our Key Industry Program and our unique Terolink applications database.

Your resource for protection, repair and joining solutions

At Castolin Eutectic, we take the time to study industry specific types of wear because until the nature of the wear is fully understood, the correct solution cannot be identified. Damage caused by these wear groups costs money, especially in downtime and lost production, replacement parts, repair and ongoing maintenance.

Metallurgical Laboratory

Castolin Eutectic has proved for more than a century that a preventive maintenance program can extend the life of critical machine parts by as much as 500%. Castolin Eutectic has the «know-how» to identify the most serious wear problems and «show how to avoid them. Castolin Eutectic can greatly increase your plant efficiency and profits.


Castolin Eutectic has invested in Research & Development in many specific solutions to wear problems. This includes areas such as carbide selection, carbide size, carbide distributions, matrix compositions, application procedures and process equipment. Skills and knowledge of Castolin Eutectic experts have enabled us to create a range of overlay materials combating the widest combination of wear types.

This range is continually growing, as we harness new materials to provide better solutions to existing problems as well as answers to new challenges. The results of this extensive work are demonstrated by the hundreds of patents registered by Castolin Eutectic in the areas of wear protection and fusion technologies during its 100 year history.

Some examples of products developed which are especially adapted for the Power industry by Castolin Eutectic are:
· EnDOtec and TeroMatec cored wires for welding anti-wear coatings.
· Spray and fuse processes; CastoDyn SF Lance and Superjet Eutalloy.
· High quality wear plates and tubes: CDP and Castotubes
· Eutronic Arc System: highest deposition rates and excellent anti-erosion protection
– CaviTec Patented alloy system producing anti wear coatings with outstanding cavitation resistance on pumping equipment.


Castolin Eutectic develops, manufactures and markets ready-to- use wear plates and tubes under the brand name Castodur Diamond Plates (CDP) and CastoTubes. These composite materials consist of a steel plate or tube overlaid with wear-resistant deposits by means of welding or metal powder coating, and provide exceptional protection against erosion and abrasion. Aimed for complex part-geometries, the material can be cut, bent and welded.

A successful application with CDP in the Cement industry is the wear protection of fans against the hot and dust laden fumes produced in the furnace.

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