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Kyanite processing, kyanite ore dressing technology, kyanite mining

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Kyanite processing, kyanite ore dressing technology, kyanite mining

April 25, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Kyanite ore dressing technology

1. Flotation
Flotation is the main processing method in kyanite ore dressing plants and it’s generally required in combination with other industrial methods to achieve the requirements of index sorting such as gravity separation flotation, magnetic separation flotation etc.
2. Gravity separation
The gravity separation equipments include shaker, shaker, a cyclone wind, heavy medium cyclone.
3. Magnetic separation


Kyanite forms in crystal ‘blades’ and ‘wands’ that range in color from denim to sapphire blue. Linked with the energy of elemental Water, Kyanite crystals can be used for emotional healing or to strengthen your resolve and increase your self-confidence. Kyanite helps you to recognise your strengths and gifts so that you can make the most of them, both for yourself and for the benefit of the wider community.

Kyanite is sometimes used in magic to develop charisma, charm and the ability to hold people’s attention and speak eloquently. It is a useful crystal for anyone who suffers from shyness or for people who feel ‘invisible’ in life and wants to make more of an impact on society.

Blades of Kyanite can be used symbolically to ‘cut away’ the invisible emotional ties that bind you to people or places you have outgrown or to habits and addictions that no longer serve you. Kyanite seems to have a connection with the emotional energy surrounding memories, and can be used to help you look at past events rationally, without anger or sorrow, so that the experiences can be processed and released.

Meditating or crystal gazing with Kyanite is also said to grant visions of past lives, especially of important events that were significant enough to leave an emotional imprint that endures through time. Some healers believe that emotions like guilt and sorrow can sometimes be so powerful that they impact on future lives; Kyanite is one of the best crystals for processing this sort of energy so that it can be released, making room for true forgiveness and healing.


Once inside the processing plant, the ore goes through many processes including a wet rod mill to reduce the particle size to about one millimeter and finer, a hydrocyclone to remove clay matter from the slurry, a hydrosizer for classification, and spiral separators until the beneficiated materials is 90% to 92% kyanite.

Gravity is used to dewater the wet concentrate into a semi-dry material before dried and roasted to convert most of the iron oxide impurities to a form that is suitable for magnetic separation. The resulting 35 mesh product is then ground in this ball mill to obtain various finer sizes.

Processing Virginia Kyanite into Virginia Mullite

The 35 mesh Kyanite is converted to Mullite in a rotary kiln where the temperature of sintering is in excess of 1450° C. and then ground in ball mills to generate other, finer sizes.

Our state-of-the art operation can produce more than one hundred fifty thousand tons of commercial grade Kyanite concentrate every year. The plant capacity can easily be increased if necessary very quickly. We have the capacity to store over fifty thousand tons of Kyanite and Mullite 35 mesh in bulk form.

Kyanite mining

The quartzite rock from our mountains typically contains 20 to 30 percent kyanite. In addition to quartz, the rock contains other impurities such as mica, rutile, a variety of iron oxides, clays and many other minerals.

The rocks we mine are crushed into progressively smaller sizes down to an inch or less. During mining and each stage of crushing, the ore is mixed and homogenized to minimize the natural variances in the deposit. The blended ore is then fed to the processing plant in a controlled manner.

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