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Lifting equipment,industrial lifting machine

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Lifting equipment,industrial lifting machine

July 6, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Lifting equipment

Lifting equipment is the key equipment in mine for lift the coal, rock and stone from the bottom of mine to the ground.‘Lifting equipment’ also known as weight lifting equipment, lifting gear, heavy lifting equipment,hoisting equipment and material handling equipment.Common lifting equipment include cage, balance weight, skip and so on.

Our company is a main stockist and agent for all leading brands of lifting equipment including electric hoists, electric winches, hydraulic jacks and pallet handling equipment. Our comprehensive range of electric hoists includes overhead crane hoists for both single and twin beams. Chain and wire rope models are available in both standard and short headroom versions up to 30 tonnes capacity. We can also offer electric hoists for use in the construction and hire industry with 110V scaffold hoists and chain hoists up to 3 tonnes capacity. Special electric hoists are provided for use in the food industry, plus marine and explosion-proof environments. At our company, we’re confident we can supply a model to suit your application.

Our electric winches cover all requirements in both lifting equipment and pulling applications, and all voltages are provided for both indoor and outdoor applications. Pendant, wall-mounted and radio controlled models are also available, as are electric winches with spindle limits, speed controls, grooved drums and slack rope switches. In addition to these products, we also provide a wide range of accessories for use with electric winches including diverter sheaves and rope blocks.

Vast range of lifting products available ex stock include chain sling chain and components in Grade 8 and Grade 10 alloy steel and stainless steel Grade 50 supplied to order. All popular sizes of Polyester belt slings and Polyester roundslings to BS EN 1492 are available ex stock. Wire rope slings, winch ropes and crane ropes made in-house. Higher tensile steel shackles, eyebolts, eyenuts and bownuts plus Crosby alloy steel shackles and Rud lifting points. We also supply lifting magnets and lifting crabs and plate clamps. Our in-house CAD and manufacturing facility can provide bespoke load attachments, lifting beams, spreader beams, scissor grabs and load manipulators.

We provide bottle jacks from 2 to 50 tonnes capacity, lightweight aluminium hydraulic jacks up to 100 tonnes capacity (models available with screwed rams), and detachable lifting claws and pressure gauges for industrial and civil engineering applications. We also supply toe lifting hydraulic jacks with 3 to 25 tonnes capacity for machinery moving and difficult access applications, and a full range of hydraulic jacking cylinders with detached pumps, hoses and a wide selection of attachments for maintenance operations and civil engineering applications.

We specialise in material handling for trucks in standard and special sizes to cover most applications up to 5 tonnes capacity. We can also create purpose-built models for drum and reel handling, together with high lift pallet trucks for manual handling operations. Our truck range includes stacker trucks, Genie lifts, rough terrain pallet trucks, sack trucks, garden centre trolleys and DIY store trucks.

If you are looking for the latest in overhead cranes, visit our website for the best deals. At our company Lifting, you can choose from a variety of overhead cranes at the best rates and at an exceptional quality. For reliable products visit Dale Lifting.

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