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Lime production equipment, fine grinding machine for limestone

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Lime production equipment, fine grinding machine for limestone

May 31, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

limestone is usually processed by jaw crushers , cone crushers, impact crushers and hammer crusher for crushing and then directly grinded by Raymond mill , vertical roller mill, and vertical impact mill in the whole lime processing plants.

Limestone and lime

Limestone, the main chemical composition is calcium carbonate. Limestone and lime are widely used in metallurgical, chemical, construction, building materials, and environmental protection, agriculture, and food industries.

1. In the metallurgical industry: Calcium oxide carrier in iron ore and steel smelting process.
2. Limestone is used as the filling agents in rubber making industry for manufacturing of bleach, soda, soda, calcium nitrate, calcium chloride, calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, organic acid and its derivatives, ethylene oxide, glycerin, water, nitrogen, carbon dioxide extraction of magnesia, calcium oxide, light (precipitated calcium carbonate).
3. Limestone can be used as building mortar, various types of lime, gravel, road asphalt and other ingredients.
4. Limestone can be used as fertilizer, acid soil improvement agent, feed additive calcium added, epidemic prevention, pesticides, and disinfectants.

Uses of lime

The largest use of lime is in steel manufacturing where lime is used as a flux to remove impurities such as phosphorus and sulfur. Lime is used in power plant smokestacks to remove sulfur from the emissions. Lime is also used in mining , paper and paper pulp production, water treatment and purification, and in wastewater treatment. It is used in road construction and traditional building construction.

Substitutes and Alternative Sources

Limestone can be used in place of lime for some industrial applications such as agriculture, as a flux in steel making, and in sulfur removal. Limestone is much less expensive than lime; however, it is not as reactive as lime, so it may not be the best substitute in all cases. Magnesium hydroxide can be used for pH control. Lime resources are plentiful worldwide for the near and distant future, and substitutes may not be necessary for a long time to come.

Fine grinding equipments for limestone process

Lime fine grinding equipments mainly include tube mill and roller mill. The tube mill is mainly used for grain of lime kiln and the roller mill is suitable for light burned lime. In the lime grinding lines, we often equip with cyclone circulation type classifier in order to improve the grinding efficiency and take control of the particle size distribution of the product.

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