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Linear Vibrating Screens

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Linear Vibrating Screens

May 23, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

NFLG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and plants for the processing industry. Based on decades of experience, our engineers are engaged in research and development.

The results have become an integral part of processing technology. Customers worldwide benefit from our innovations. Whether standard or customized designs – NFLG always offer complete solutions often found in cooperation with the customer.

The latest generation of type DU linear vibrating screens with double unbalance drive unit provides screening areas with widths and lengths ranging from 800 to 5,500 mm and 2,000 to 12,000 mm, respectively.

The screens are able to handle the increasing feed rates and meet the versatile requirements inherent to primary screening, sizing, dewatering, depulping and deslurrying of bulk materials such as hard rock, limestone , gravel, coal, ore, oil sand and salt – advanced screening equipment from NFLG.

Advantages of linear vibrating screen:

1. Constant infinitely variable stroke
2. Low overall height owing to the horizontal arrangement of assemblies
3. Optionally with bottom or top drive unit
4. Optimum adaptation to the particular screening job by changing the angle of throw
5. Quick change of the drive unit
6. Replacement service for the ThyssenKrupp double unbalance drive units

Through their advanced, robust and versatile design, NFLG linear vibrating screens offer optimal solutions to the most difficult problems. Depending on the application, the body of the screen and the principal assemblies such as side walls, supporting system and cross member are either screwed or HUCK bolted, the machine design allowing screen coverings of different manufacturers to be used.

Customers can choose between transversely tensioned perforated plates, bolted thick perforated plates, bar grates, transversely or longitudinally tensioned woven wire, rubber and plastic coverings. Plug-in systems for welded wedge wire screens and for rubber, plastic, perforated plate or woven wire screen coverings are available.

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