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Lippmann impact crushers special applications

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Lippmann impact crushers special applications

May 13, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Lippmann impact crusher 4236LS

From the smallest to the largest applications, Lippmann can solve your secondary crushing needs. The Lippmann 4236LS is
ideal for secondary or tertiary (with third curtain) crushing of aggregate, asphalt, concrete, gravel or limestone . Just a foot narrower than our 4248LS, the 4236LS is a tremendous value for applications where lower capacity is required and lighter portability is desired. The 4236LS is a good solution for replacing a cone crusher on an existing cone chassis.

Lippmann impact crusher 5196LS

The Lippmann 5196LS is a high tonnage secondary impactor, one of the widest in the industry, featuring an unusually wide feed opening. Built for ultra high capacity, the 5196LS can be used in most secondary crushing requirements including limestone, gravel, concrete and asphalt.

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