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LM130 vertical mill,vertical coal mill, coal mill LM130

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LM130 vertical mill,vertical coal mill, coal mill LM130

April 10, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

LM130 vertical mill main parts

LM130 main parts include classifier, roller device, disc device, pressure device, reducer, motor, and housing parts.

How LM130 vertical mill works

According to motor through reducer to drive the disc rotation, so raw materials are air lock feeders, disc falls from the central feed port, while hot air from the air inlet into the mill.

With the turntable rotation, the material under the action of centrifugal force to the disc edge of the high-speed air ring with the wind, the large particles fall directly on the re-grinding disc.

Air flow over the upper part of the material into the separator, the role of the rotating rotor, the meal fell from the hopper cone disc re-grinding, qualified with a grinding powder with the air flow through the dust collection device to collect, that is, products containing materials, water and heat the gas in contact with the process of being dried.

By adjusting the air temperature, humidity materials can meet the different requirements to meet all the requirements of the product water. By adjusting the separation can be achieved by the required granularity of different products.

Technological advantages

1. High-performance.

Hot air directly in contact with the material grinding, drying capacity, conservation of resources; through the air conditioning temperature, humidity materials can meet different requirements. Material in the mill residence time is short, easy to detect and control the product particle size and chemical composition, reduce duplication of milling, the product quality and stability.

2. Low cost.

This series of vertical mill Set crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveyor in one, compact, covers an area of only 80% of the milling system. LM130 can be laid outside, save investment costs.

3. Reliable operation.

Install automatic control system, which enables remote control, easy to operate.

LM130 Products advantages

1. Drying ability, and save resources.
2. Can adjust air temperature.
3. Reduce the duplication of grinding and improve quality.
4. Non-destructive shock and vibration.
5. Crushing, drying, and grinding in one system.
6. Life is long.
7. Energy is lower than the ball mill equipment .
8. To open configuration, save resources.

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