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Magnetic iron ore dressing plant

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Magnetic iron ore dressing plant

March 30, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Magnetic iron ore are primarily based, and magnetic separation will be the fundamental requirement of magnetic minerals, magnetite may be directly more than the magnetic iron ore, if iron ore is hematite or brown iron ore and other To get much more than 65 grade iron ore, will be restored by magnetic roasting is carried out magnetic separation of magnetite, hematite along with other minerals if the higher levels of impurities, but also through the flotation impurity reduction.

Magnetic iron ore dressing Process

Magnetic iron ore dressing is primarily utilized for choice of low grade iron ore. As the magnetic ore is simple to elect, the national factory utilizes stage milling process, t milling granule is used in the coarse magnetite, tiny particles uses the magnetite of paragraph 2 or 3 mill. The development of our own serialized magnets makes magnetic engine accomplish a permanent magnet. A fter1970′s, the National magnetic iron ore dressing plant promoted new technologies, which increased high grade by 62% to about 66% ,meeting the demand of 65% the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry asked.

weak magnetic iron ore dressing is mainly utilized to choose iron ore, hematite, brown iron ore, Mitsubishi, false hematite or mixed iron ore mine, that is known as the “red mine”. Such low grade ore are all the little size,complexed mineral composition ,which makes it difficult to select.

Following 1980’s, ore dressing techniques for roasting magnetic separation, wet strong magnetic separation magnetic flotation, weak and also the election process, equipment and new varieties of pharmaceutical research get continuous improvements ,which all elevated metal ore in high quality and also the rate of return. Angang Qida hill ore dressing plant utilizes new magnetic-magnetism flotation process, which gets encouraging achievements.

Polymetallic ore dressing is complex and diverse kinds, the use of equipment, techniques and procedures are different, like Baiyun Ebo Iron Ore of Hubei uses floating recourse , gradient flocculating flotation, weak magnetic-counter flotation-strong magnetic separation, weak magnetic flotation, burning magnetic separation procedure, to improve iron recovery, and comprehensively recycle rare earth oxides. Panzhihua iron ore utilizes magnetic separation to obtain around 53% of TFE vanadium iron ore, after the election, the tailings is swept by the weak magnetic elections-magnetism elections-elections-flotation-dry electricity, and sulphur cobalt, finally recycled titanium and cobalt. Daye Iron Ore utilizes magnetic weak-strong magnetic and flotation to comprehensively recycled iron, copper and cobalt, sulphur dioxide along with other elements.

Iron Ore

Iron ore is a crucial raw material of steel producers. Natural minerals (iron ore) after crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, elected gradually re-election of iron along with other procedures. Beneficiation process ought to be as efficient so when simple as grasping the creation of energy-saving equipment, for the extent possible within the most suitable process to own best effects, to a large extent determines the economic great things about mineral processing plant.

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