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Material handling conveyors, belt conveyors

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Material handling conveyors, belt conveyors

July 16, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Material handling conveyors are used throughout the plant. They are of different sizes, inclines, declines, handle different amounts and sizes of material, and run at different speeds. The conveyor systems used in the Ormeau plant utilize the same components.

Conveyor belts

The conveyor belts used in the Ormeau plant are large rubber bands stretched between 2 pulleys, one called the head drum which is where the conveyor discharges is, and the other being the tail drum, which is where the loading occurs. They travel at a consistent speed.

The belt is supported between the head and tail drums by the use of trough rollers. The trough rollers are a system of 3 rollers, 1 in the middle of the belt which is flat and the side 2 which are set up an angle of 30 degrees.

This angle is used to increase the capacity of the belt. The bottom of the conveyor belt, or the return side, is supported with return rollers which are flat. Drive to the conveyor is provided at the head of the conveyor through an electric motor coupled through the use of v belts to a speed reduction gear box. The size of the electric motor and the ratio of the gearbox vary depending on weight carried and the operating angle of the conveyor.

Tension is provided to the conveyor belt through mechanical means. Threaded rods attached to the tail drum, which when adjusted apply tension to the belt. This system is also used to align the belt, and allow it to run straight between the trough rollers.

Ancillary components are used to clean the belt like: belt scrappers, and tail pulley plow scrappers. Belt scrappers, scrap the outside of the belt and are positioned so that the scrapings go with the flow of material. Pulley plow scrappers are located at the tail drum, on the inside of the belt, with a function to scrap material from the belt and direct it off the edges of the belt so that it does not run in between the tail pulley and the belt and potentially cause damage.


Like vibrating screens there are no protection systems for the conveyors that will switch the electric motor off in the event of a failure, but each of the conveyors are connected to a sequence interlock switch. Refer: Vibrating screens protection systems for details of the sequence interlock.

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