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Mauritania Iron Ore Mining Project,Mauritania crusher

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Mauritania Iron Ore Mining Project,Mauritania crusher

July 1, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

For Mauritania iron ore mining , you need our primary crushers and secondary crushers for the iron ore crushing.

Mauritania Open Pit Iron Ore Mining Project Key Data

Producer of:Iron ore Location:Northern Mauritania Ownership:State of Mauritania (88%) Geology:Haematite and magnetite orebodies occur in topographical ridges Mineral Type:Haematite and magnetite Reserve base:1,100Mt proven and probable Production:12Mt/y iron ore Mining:Open pit Haematite process:Two-stage crushing at mines, third / fourth stages plus screening at port Magnetite process:Grinding and magnetic upgrading at Guelb plant 4,000 equipment :NFLG iron ore crushers, ball mills, vertical ore mills.

Open Pit Iron Ore Mining Brief Introduction

The iron ore mining project, located in the northern Mauritania, is mined by open pit. It’s mainly haematite and magnetite. For both the two kinds of ore mining, you do need ore crushers and ball mills for ore grinding. As of the haematite processing, the project has adopted two-stages crushing and multi-stages screening. While ball mills are also needed in the magnetite grinding process.

In the Mauritania iron ore project, NFLG has offered best ore crushers and ball mills. There are both open circuit multi-stages crushing plant and closed circuit multi-stages crushing plant. For primary iron ore crushing, NFLG offers you best jaw crushers or hammer crushers which are specially designed for hard rocks. For the iron ore grinding, you can also choose our LM series vertical ore mill apart from ball mills.

800TPH ~ 1000TPH Crushing line

Here you can see our large scale iron ore crushing plant with capacity of 800 tph – 1000 tph. There are fourth-stages crushing in the plant. Please feel free to get support online for any questions.

Compared to the 600 tph – 800 tph plant, the biggest difference is not only it can produce higher capacity but also this plant is especially suitable for those quite tough stones. With three units of jaw crushers and cone crushers, stones will be through coarse crushing and fine crushing. Also, multi-screening equipment are installed in the large plant. If your raw materials are of quite hard and you need larger capacity, you can consider this stone crushing plant.

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