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Medical stone crusher, Medical stone processing plants

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Medical stone crusher, Medical stone processing plants

July 3, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Medical stone introduction

Medical stone is a kind of industrial material with biological non-toxic, harmless and has certain biological activity of medicinal compound mineral or rock.

Medical stone’s mineral composition mainly consists of feldspar, potassium feldspar, biotite, quartz, sericite, hornblende, pyroxene, secondary and apatite, according to stone, diamond, rutile, magnetite, chlorite, epidote, monazite, cassiterite, fluorite, frog stone, tourmaline, garnet, montmorillonite etc.

Application of medical stone

Medical stone is mainly used for medical care, food, beverage and water purification, sewage treatment, antisepsis, deodorization, preservation, decontamination and planting and breeding field.

Medical stone crushing equipment

Medical stone’s biological and environmental usage determines it needn’t require superfine crushing process, according to the mineral separation to get the crushed products with 74 um that can meet the pharmaceutical, agricultural increase production, biotechnology and other fields use requirements.

The process of medical stone includes mining , stone crushing, grinding etc. In the medical crushing process, we mainly use jaw crusher , roll crusher, impact crusher , and hammer crusher for primary crushing stage. In the fine grinding process, Raymond mill , and mechanical impact turbine grinding machine are taken as processing equipments for grinding to 74 um etc.

Medical stone processing technology

Medical stone processing is mainly around the development and utilization of the unique physical and chemical properties.
1. Added to food, mineral water, all kinds of drinks etc: crushing, soaking, filtration, sterilization and canning process etc.
2. In order to utilize its adsorption properties, medical stone will be processed into its adsorption material of environmental protection or water purification agent.
3. Preparation of medical stone mineralized core to medical stone crushing, screening after adding binder are mixed ingredients, heating, forming and roasting.

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