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Metso involved in developing new light and efficient solutions

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Metso involved in developing new light and efficient solutions

May 11, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Metso involved in developing new light and efficient solutions

Metso has a strong role in planning and coordinating new R&D programs focusing on materials technology. Finnish Mechanical Engineering Competence Center (FIMECC) shall initiate its first R&D project called LIGHT (Light and Efficient Solutions) focusing on new structural materials and component solutions especially for process and transportation industries.

Lighter, reliable structures with lower noise levels

Key targets of the LIGHT program are to reduce the weight of structural solutions e.g. in mobile machinery and transportation equipment , improve their mechanical reliability as well as to create functional structural solutions that e.g. can reduce noise level of process machinery. Essential part of the solutions under development is to reduce life cycle environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

Key research areas in the LIGHT program are material solutions for new light weight structures, their manufacturing methods (hybrid materials, honeycomb structures etc), prediction of mechanical reliability of materials and structures (fatigue resistance, fracture mechanics) as well as design principles for e.g. mobile units.

LIGHT program time span is 2009-2013 and its total budget is 20 M€. Other participants of the LIGHT program are e.g. Outokumpu Oyj and Ruukki Oyj as well as several Finnish and international universities and research institutes.

New material solutions for wear, corrosion and high temperature applications

Another program called DEMAPP (Materials for Demanding Applications) is planned to be started later this year. The key R&D areas in DEMAPP program are developing new wear, corrosion and high temperature material solutions and understanding the performance of these materials in various energy, mining , pulp& paper and recycling applications. DEMAPP project time span is 2009-2013 and its estimated budget is 30 M€.

Support for key material technology areas of Metso business units

LIGHT and DEMAPP programs support the new service products and wear materials as well as machinery and structural solutions development in all Metso’s businesses. All Metso business units are encouraged to contact Metso Materials Technology in order to include critical R&D areas into the programs and having access for results during the program.


FIMECC is a strategic center for excellence in the area mechanical engineering and metals technology. This is a new concept in Finnish innovation structure and is based on open innovation and creation of strategic partnerships among Finnish industry and universities for key R&D areas. FIMECC Oy carries out long term, strategic R&D and Metso Oyj is one of its shareholders. FIMECC Oy has five key strategic R&D themes i.e. Service Business, User Experience, Global Networks, Intelligent Solutions and Breakthrough Materials.

In the area of Breakthrough Materials key R&D programs are

  • Light and functional materials (LIGHT program)
  • Materials for demanding applications (DEMAPP program)
  • Active and functional materials
  • Development of production technologies for breakthrough materials
  • Manufacturing technologies (welding, cutting, forming etc)

Metso Materials Technology together with Metso’s business units has been preparing LIGHT and DEMAPP R&D programs for Breakthrough Material theme.

The strategic vision of FIMECC is to gain a leading international position in the development of a future generation of advanced materials, structures, and systems which will have reduced weight, increased life cycle performance, improved energy efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint. The research consortium will create an international science-based network for researching competitive and difficult-to-copy material solutions.

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