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Microcrystalline stone production equipment, Micro crystal stone

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Microcrystalline stone production equipment, Micro crystal stone

May 27, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Microcrystalline stone also named micro crystal stone, ceramic plates, ceramic stone, jade ceramics, microcrystalline stone, glass ceramics, and glass; artificial stone are applied widely in modern building industry.

Microcrystalline stone production technology is used widely at home and abroad and the most mature is sintering method. Others are calendaring method, casting methods etc.

Microcrystalline stone production line

Raw materials weighing, with -> batch melting, clarifying, averaging -> water quenching -> into granular base -> particle drying -> screened -> weighing, loading, plus accessories, sintering, annealing crystallization -> test cutting polishing processing packaging.

Micro crystal stone

Micro crystal stone, also named as micro crystal glass compound slab. With both advantage of ceramic and micro crystal glass, it adopt natural abio-material, use top new technology, after two time high temperature processing, sintered to be new type decoration material. The finish product slab is flat and clean, uniform color, elegant vein, crystal and brilliant, colorful, hard and high density. These characters make it different and better than natural stone. It has all kind of specification, different colors, flat panel, radius panel could used for outside and inside wall of construction, could be used for floor, round column, table top and furniture decoration. It is quite popular

Good performance of micro crystal stone

Better than natural stone, with special techniques, micro-crystal stone is sintered by the similar high temperature under which how the natural granite come into being, so its density is high, very hard, anti-pressure, anti-curve, anti-impact, and even better than natural stone, abrasion durable, not easy to be damaged, no small crack like natural stone.

High density quality, crystal surface, gentle, brilliant, with special micro crystal construction, also has special glass construction; fine quality could react and diffuse light, give people gentle feeling.

Rich color, widely used: the production technology of micro-crystal stone could enable the color could be produced in many kind according to the need (especially crystal white, beige, light grey and white sesame, these four color series are most popular), the product could be widely used for hotel, office building, airport, railway station, high level decoration, like wall, floor, decoration panel, furniture, table top etc.

Microcrystalline stone crushing equipment

Common microcrystalline stone crushing equipment includes jaw crusher , impact crusher , cone crusher , hammer breaking equipment, mobile crushing station etc. Shanghai Shibang machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer which can supply you crushing machines, grinding equipments sold to more than 180 countries and regions.

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