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Mineral grinding and processing machinery

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Mineral grinding and processing machinery

May 28, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Quartz lumps shall be charged to jaw crusher in order to made ballast size ranging from 20-30 MM. Quartz ballast so processed with Jaw Crusher shall be transported to stone crusher with belt conveyor for secondary crushing in 30-80 mesh. Stone crusher (Disintegrator Types) is a machine made of high carbon steel body and 4 fix type beaters rotates at 960 RPM.

Quartz powder so crushed with stone crusher shall be charged to rotary screening machines with bucket type close circuit elevators for grading in 30/80 mesh. Graded 30/80 mesh powder shall be treated with drum type electro magnetic separators to make it iron free quartz powder.

The graded iron free quartz powder can be packed in 50 KG bags or as desired. Residue of rotary screening machines shall be charged automatically to stone crusher for regrinding in 30/80 mesh and lifted with conveyor type elevator for charging to rotary screening machines for grading.

Giant pollution control equipment shall collect fine dust from stone crushers and mini from rotary screens and at various small points with dust suction blower. The fine particle shall be collected and classified in 100-200 and finer than 300 mesh in different cone type steel sheet fabricated tanks. Micro fine particles will come in contact with water scrubber to ensure entire process free from air pollution. The process is of close circuit ensure dust less operation.

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