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Mineral Mining Project For Boleo Project In Mexico

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Mineral Mining Project For Boleo Project In Mexico

April 10, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Mineral mining Project Key Data

Location:Baja California Sur, Mexico Client:Baja Mining Scope:Mineral mining dressing plant solution design, mineral crushers and mineral grinding mills provision, screening plant installation and after-sale maintenance services Date:2011

Mineral Mining Project Brief Introduction

Mexico is one of the largest mineral resources in the world. It is ranked first in the production of silver, bismuth and celestite, and among the top 10 in barite, manganese, mine zinc etc, and in the top 15 in mine copper, gold etc. the Baja California Sur is rich in minerals, containing an estimated 265 Mt of copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt. The Boleo project is in the construction phase for the moment. It will be an advanced stage for these minerals’ mining.

Mexico Mineral Mining Project

NFLG has planned to do the provision of a complete mineral processing plant, including mineral crushing machines, mineral screening plant, and mineral grinding plant and so on for copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt processing. Apart from mineral processing equipments, we will offer optimized mineral processing solutions which are designed by our experienced engineers of mineral mining. A very close communication is taken place between two parties.

Mexico’s globally significant mineral sector was dominated by hydrocarbons, and ranked first in the production of silver, bismuth (28% of the world’s total), and celestite (strontium mineral; 50% of world output); second in fluorspar (14% of world output); fourth in arsenic and graphite; fifth in molybdenum; among the top 10 in barite, cadmium, gypsum, mine lead, manganese ore, salt, sulfur, and mine zinc; and in the top 15 in mine copper, cement, gold, and crude steel (secondlargest producer in Latin America). Mexico’s fourth, fifth, and sixth leading industries in 2002 were the production of iron and steel, petroleum, and mining, respectively, and, among export commodities, oil and oil products ranked third, and silver fourth.

800-1000TPH Mineral Crushing line

For your mineral dressing plant, we recommend you the 800-1000 TPH crushing plant which is widely used in mineral processing. Click the link for more details of complete crushing plants with different capacities.

Compared to the 600 tph – 800 tph plant, the biggest difference is not only it can produce higher capacity but also this plant is especially suitable for those quite tough stones. With three units of jaw crushers and cone crushers, stones will be through coarse crushing and fine crushing. Also, multi-screening equipment are installed in the large plant. If your raw materials are of quite hard and you need larger capacity, you can consider this stone crushing plant.

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