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Mining cranes and mining equipments

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Mining cranes and mining equipments

June 2, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Lifts for all kind of jobs (such as nuclear power plants, infrastructure, windmill erection and offshore installations) are getting heavier at increasing lengths and heights. But with increasing heights and subsequently increasing boom lengths also weight increases.

On cranes weight is essential. To reduce weight crane manufacturers are looking for composite materials that can be applied for booms, cylinders and pendant lines. Using composite materials will significantly enhance performance of a crane and will reduce transportation weights. Fibremax lightweight pendant lines reduce weight of the pendants up to 90%.

Advantages of lightweight pendant lines are:

Increased crane capacity
Longer booms possible
Safer and faster rigging
Easier and lighter transportation
Faster operations
Less maintenace

mining equipment :

mining equipment , like shovels and draglines, are somewhat similar to cranes but are operated under more severe conditions. Downtime because of maintenance should be kept to a minimum. On shovels, draglines or excavators pendant lines are used to support the boom.

Due to the type of work, which is highly repetitive, these pendant lines are submitted to a large number of tension cycles which influences the service life. Pendant lines from FibreMax have a longer fatigue life than steel wire rope (up to 5 times higher) which reduces the need for early replacement and downtime.

Advantages of lightweight pendant lines are:

Extended fatigue/service life
Less maintenance
Safer and faster rigging

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