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July 8, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

On mining equipment , like shovels or draglines, pendant lines are used to support the boom. Due to the type of work, which is highly repetitive, these pendant lines are submitted to a large number of tension cycles which influences the service life.

Traditionally the pendant lines are made of steel wire rope. Steel wire rope has a limited service life when submitted to repetitive tension-tension fatigue cycles. This will require for the pendant lines to be replaced or inspected regularly which causes unnecessary maintenance downtime and lack of production time.

Lightweight pendant lines from FibreMax, made from aramid fibres, are the material of choice when looking for an alternative to steel wire rope. Our pendant lines have an extreme high fatigue life that will outperform steel wire rope by a factor 5 or more (depending on circumstances). Our pendant lines will reduce the need for maintenance and costly downtime. Because of their light weight, which is 90% less than steel at the same break load, they are easy and safe to handle during installation.

Using lightweight pendant lines will increase productivity, maintenance costs will be reduced and overall operational costs will be reduced.
FibreMax can manufacture complete customized pendant lines for all mining equipment .
Shovels: boom pendants.
Draglines: upper boom pendants, lower boom pendants, intermediate boom pendants.
Stackers/reclaimers: boom pendants.

Characteristics of FibreMax aramid pendant lines:

Up to 90% less weight than steel wire rope.
Extreme high fatigue life and service life.
Available in any break strength.
Available in exact lengths up to 140 meter (tolerance 0,1mm).
No construction stretch (less re-tensioning).
Including end terminations (can be fully customized).
No maintenance (no greasing or painting required).
Operating temperature from -50°C to + 90°C.
Optional integrated fibre optic cable enables remote troubleshooting and monitoring of the pendant lines in real-time by the operator or via internet or a modem; for instance stress level and temperature can be monitored.

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