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Minpro International – Mineral Processing Equipment

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Minpro International – Mineral Processing Equipment

April 30, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Mineral Processing equipment

Minpro International provides grinding, classification, flotation and thickening equipment, complete semi-mobile modular concentrators, and polyurethane wear parts for the mineral processing and mining industry.

The company has been in the business of designing and manufacturing as well as providing engineered solutions for the mining industry worldwide for over 25 years and has established its own stock companies in Norway, The Netherlands, Russia and the Middle East.

Hydraulic roller mills for the mining industry

Minpro International has its own advanced hydraulic roller mills (MHRM). These grinding mills are equipped with hydraulic drives and mounted on a self-supporting frame and are also available with electro-mechanical drives. This unique design makes it possible to install the mills without the need for strong, costly and complicated concrete foundations, and the installation takes just a matter of days. Many of these mills are installed in remote areas of the world.

Hydro-cyclone batteries

Classification systems for grinding circuits based on hydro-cyclone batteries are part of the delivery program of the company. The hydro-cyclone batteries can be equipped with automatic valves for pressure adjustment of the feed to the hydro-cyclone battery for continuous optimal classification conditions.

Aker flotation machines

The company also has its own patented Aker flotation machines and claims to be the only company in the world that guarantees the life of the wear parts for its flotation machines against normal wear and tear for a minimum period of five years of continuous operation.

The Aker flotation machines have been tested and compared with many types of flotation machines on the market. All test results have shown higher recovery and grade of the produced concentrate, lower energy consumption, and less reagent consumption as well as the increase of the life time of the flotation mechanism.

Lamella thickeners

Lamella thickeners in different sizes are among other product lines of Minpro International, and are available for many applications.

The semi-mobile modular concentrators (SMMC) for the recovery of metals and minerals with capacities up to 25t/h. are installed mainly in remote areas of the world. The SMMC’s are standard units, but are tailored for each deposit. These plants are all pre-assembled and tested before shipping to the mine side. The delivery time for these units is extremely short and installation time is often less than ten days.

Polyurethane wear parts

Minpro International also supplies polyurethane wear parts for many applications. Many different types of polyurethane with different properties are available for a large range of applications.

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