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Mobile secondary crushers, mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher

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Mobile secondary crushers, mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher

July 3, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Mobile crushers and screen plants are advancing more and more into output ranges that up to a few years ago were only possible using stationary plants. Examples such as the plant combination in use at Kelly’s of Fantane in Ireland are leading the way for the future.

Kleemann mobile plant

Feed capacity of 500 t/h, up to seven final products of which five comply with the strict standards for asphalt and concrete products – and all this is possible using a mobile plant? Using the plant combination at Kelly’s of Fantane in Ireland, Kleemann demonstrated what can be achieved today using mobile plant.

Two, three or several plants can be combined for use in both natural stone quarrying and recycling. The potential output of such plant combinations currently ranges from 100 t/h up to 500 t/h, but the upper limit has not yet been reached.

The principle could be described as follows: Interlinked mobile plants are crushers and screens that work in conjunction with each other, and are coordinated in terms of performance and function.

Why are interlinked mobile plants becoming more popular?

> mining permits are under time constraints
> better resale value and reusability
> plants can also be used individually
> progress made in stone quarries
> saves on cost of personnel and transport vehicles

What are the potential areas of application?

> in all quarries
> also for small deposits
> owner has several quarries
> various operation sites

Requirements and expectations

> thanks to modern technology, mobile plants can achieve final aggregate fractions which was earlier only possible from stationary plants
> production availability is on a par with stationary plants

What does Kleemann specifically offer?

> long-term experience in both the mobile and stationary field
> expertise in the processing of rock and stone
> an entire crushing programme and screen plants of all sizes

Mobile cone crushers

Mobile cone crushers have been a part of the extensive range of crushers from Kleemann for many years. The MOBICONE series is specially designed for secondary and tertiary crushing in hard-stone applications. They are extraordinarily efficient, diverse in application and very economical to use.

To meet the diverse requirements in processing technology, the MOBICONE plants are available in different sizes and configurations. Whether it’s only a cone crusher , or in addition with a tripledeck screen for closed loop operation, with various size cone crushers or a double-deck screen and oversize return conveyor , Kleemann offers a suitable plant for almost every task.

Mobile impact crushers

With the mobile impact crushers from the MOBIFOX series, Kleemann is in a position to meet the most demanding technical requirements.

The MOBIFOX mobile impact crushers for secondary crushing are, so to speak, the sister plants of the mobile cone crusher from the MOBICONE series. Whereas these are designed for hard-stone applications, the MOBIFOX is designed for soft to medium-hard stone. Similar to the mobile cone crushers, the mobile impact crushers are also available in the most important technical configurations. With or without screen unit, with return conveyor for closed material loop or with oversize return feed via a downstream screen. In addition, there are crushers in three different sizes, depending on the quantity requirement and size of the feed material.

The special feature among the MOBIFOX products is the impact crusher in the SNH series. In comparison to other Kleemann impact crushers for primary crushing, the SHB or SHH series, the SNH crushers are equipped with a third impact apron, a so-called “grinding path”. This impact apron is not responsible for crushing the material, but ensures the ever so important cubicity of the grain size. This way it is possible to obtain first-class end products, which can be used then as high-quality aggregate for manufacturing concrete or asphalt.

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