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Modern industrial system to boost the economy of construction machinery industry

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Modern industrial system to boost the economy of construction machinery industry

July 4, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

As traditional manufacturing and emerging industries, modern energy industry, modern agriculture, integrated transport system are all key industry future, and therefore as the representative of the mechanical engineering  machinery industry will undoubtedly play an important role. First of all, a clear upward trend in the future labor costs, which will make the application of engineering Machinery increasing rate, unit investment in fixed assets will be more clearly driving the demand for construction machinery. Second, the current size of the domestic construction Machinery industry accounted for only 20% of the proportion of the world around, and the excavators and other products in the market share is not high, import substitution larger space. Again, urbanization and new rural construction is second Five-Year Plan, emphasis will drive continued growth in demand for construction machinery.

Listed companies, the leading construction machinery line Sany, Zoomlion, Xugong are planned to reach 1,000 billion in revenue by 2015, the scale of second-tier companies Liugong, Hill pushed shares are also planning to reach 50 billion income scale. Guotai Junan that the construction machinery industry liquidity and short-term benefit from good performance of high growth, medium-term benefits of urbanization and new rural construction, replacement labor, industry consolidation.

September output of major products of construction machinery are maintained growth since 2010, although individual products affected by seasonal factors, output of the ring appears slightly decreased, compared with a year earlier but have achieved significant growth. Among them, the crane production increased by 8.97%; mining shovel transport machinery grew 35.56%; concrete machinery grew by 11.76%.
Third quarterly show, the first three quarters of construction machinery has not been the impact of market regulation, earnings growth momentum is still rapid; Machine tool industry in earnings growth despite drop, but still recovering; and electrical equipment because of power generation equipment and a transmission equipment decline in demand growth, relatively stable; orders for heavy mining machinery part of the company growth, profitability decline has narrowed.

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